How To Identify Furniture Manufacturers: The Best Guide In 2023

October 26, 2022

To determine whether your possessions are vintage, antique, or classic furniture, one of the most important things to do is how to identify furniture manufacturers. When recognizing them, nevertheless, it might occasionally be stressful. In this article, you will be discovered some ideas and tricks from Q-furniture in order to provide you with a clear picture of your manufacturer’s identity.

Looking for the Marks

You may determine who made your furniture by looking for marks. When you discover furniture markings, they might seem mysterious. Many manufacturers label the furniture in various ways, and some even put their handwritten autographs there. You can take more attention to the shape of a metallic tag which is the most typical mark taken the with the manufacturer’s information on it.

Observe the marks for furniture identification

Observe the labels

In the furniture sector, labels have been in use since the 19th century. Many furniture producers provide their contact information on the labels, including their address, name, and year of manufacturing. In light of this, if you thoroughly inspect it from every angle, you may quickly realize who are your manufacturers. 


Lists Of Labels For Identification

There are several lists of labels available online for how to identify furniture manufacturers including:

Arts and Crafts Collector lists the manufacturers of Arts and Crafts furniture along with their trademarks.

Many furniture manufacturers are included in Worthpoint’s online Marks & Patterns database.

Fred Taylor, a furniture specialist, and historian, catalogs and displays a variety of furniture markings, including close-ups and positioning in great detail.

Who Applied The Labels?

Typically, there are four distinct groups that label their furniture:

The business name would be written on tags made of paper or even metal by the cabinetmaker. These might be challenging to see since the creator might have placed them far from the polished surfaces.

The Old Hickory Furniture Company in Indiana was one of the major local manufacturers of furniture.

The store claimed ownership of the furniture despite having bought it from manufacturing elsewhere and stocking showrooms full of it. Most commonly, this occurred in establishments like Montgomery Ward or Sears, Roebuck & Company.

Industry associations, like the Mahogany Association, encouraged using specific types of wood. These vintage labels are from the 1930s, a time when a brand-new label that didn’t peel was invented. Moreover, you can also know how to buy furniture directly from manufacturers by specialists. 

Be Patient

How to identify furniture manufacturers is still a tough question. It’s might take a lot of time and effort. It involves investigation, a comprehension of market costs, and a solid awareness of the available furnishings. But the outcome of your research will be worthwhile. As with many collectible antiques, scarcity raises the value of a piece of furniture. The value is likely to be higher than a typically produced item comparable in appearance if the item is extremely unusual, such as a one-of-a-kind creation by a well-known artisan. Knowing the history of your antique, who made it, and even why can give owning and using them a new perspective.

Consult Antique Dealers

Finding the maker of an antique armchair or dining table can occasionally be challenging, even after extensive investigation. In such circumstances, only a professional performs a true evaluation. They have resources you may not have, such as a wealth of knowledge regarding various types of furniture, their ages, and most crucially, the makers. Therefore, you should take the object, or at the very least photos of it, to a dealer who specializes in furniture from the era will aid in identifying the maker. An expert’s knowledge could dispel questions regarding the object, including who created it and where it could have originally originated. 


Consult Antique Dealers

Internet Usage

A vast ocean of information may be found on the Internet. Through various social media sites like Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, and others, you may not only engage with millions of people but also have access to a limitless universe of information. In addition, there are also other websites where users may pose questions and try to get answers, such as Quora and Reddit. On any of these networks, you can upload images of your furniture and ask others if they know who made it. Because billions of individuals use the internet, you will undoubtedly discover someone who has the solution.

Consult With Friends And Family

If you possess a certain piece of furniture, chances are that someone else has the identical piece of furniture as you do. So, you should ask your friends and family whether or not they are familiar with the manufacturer of your furniture. You will obtain a response from them if they are aware of it; otherwise, they will question others in their network of influence to help you uncover the maker of your furniture.

Lookup Corporate Archives

If you’ve tried everything to locate the manufacturer of your furniture and nothing has worked, it’s time to do some research. Your furniture was previously manufactured; thus, its data is very certainly stored someplace in the manufacturing company’s archives. In order to find your furniture, consider looking through the archives of a few of the top local retailers and manufacturers of furniture. You may accomplish this by checking their websites, and periodicals, and even calling them to find out whether they are the maker of your furniture.

Auction Houses’ Furniture Identification Guides

There are several auction houses where furniture items are sold across the world. You can thus go to or interact with such auctions. For the convenience of the purchasers, several of these auction houses include furniture identification guides. These manuals are filled with information that has been gathered from several reliable sources. These identification instructions make it simple to determine who made your furniture. This tip can be seen as the finest way how to identify furniture manufacturers.

Consult the auction houses' furniture identification guides.

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Utilizing Informative Resources

One way for how to identify furniture manufacturer is by using informative resources such as furniture-related books, magazines, journals, and articles. These resources contain a wealth of information that can provide clues about the maker of furniture. By reading and researching through these resources, you may be able to uncover valuable information that can help you identify the furniture manufacturer. So, it’s worth giving it a try and exploring these resources to potentially uncover important information about furniture manufacturer

Tracing Furniture Manufacturer through Catalogues

An effective method to trace the furniture manufacturer is by searching for the item in old company catalogues. When furniture was produced, it was likely included in the catalog of a furniture manufacturing company. By locating the old catalogues of leading furniture manufacturer in Singapore and checking if your furniture item is featured, you may be able to identify the manufacturer of furniture. This method can be a useful and practical way to track down the maker of furniture.

Determine The Age 

The likelihood is that you can determine the maker of your furniture if you know how old it is. As a result, determine the manufacturer’s history by looking at how old your furniture is. Even while this approach might not lead you directly to the furniture maker, you can use it in conjunction with all the other characteristics described above to discover a general idea of your furniture manufacturer.

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