How To Choose The Right Concrete Top Dining Table Australia

May 21, 20220

Concrete Top Dining Table Australia is now designed in many styles which are both beautiful and complicated. Customers seem not to care much about the sturdy construction or other aspects than the appearance. It leads to choosing the wrong furniture.

concrete top dining table australia

As a successful seller, you always want to have the latest designs to customize clients. Then, you tend to update the new ones to attract new clients because most of them love the latest stunning furniture. Maybe you are looking for a method that can both appeal to and convince customers to buy a great concrete dining table that matches their needs. Q-Furniture will do it.

Here are 4 tips for you to help your customers pick the right dining table:

Look for solid, dependable concrete dining table construction.

A great dining table will be solid and quite well, with a material that can endure a lot of use while still looking attractive. But, if you choose randomly a complex table, then too many connections and attachments might undermine the structure.

It’s not well constructed if the components are starting to part, there are openings at the corners, or it creaks as you move it. Then, your customers should keep the designs as basic as possible. The more sturdy connections are, the longer the table will last.

Determine the size of the area

The size of your dining table should accord with the size of your dining room. A dining table is a big type of furniture, so make sure you leave a gap around it. To begin, determine the length and width of the space available for the dining table.

If your customers desire to use the table for entertaining as there are many children, then tell them to consider spaces, leave enough wide gaps to let more room for playing.

When deciding on a shape, think about your expectations.

A concrete round or oval dining table will allow you to move around more freely because it eliminates the corners while having a large surface area. Square and rectangular ones are more frequent, you’ll find the biggest variety of styles, dimensions, and extensible options there.

concrete top dining table australia

Because there is no head of the table, round or oval tables are ideal for gatherings and conversations. While square and rectangular ones are suitable for tighter spaces.

Keep an eye on the concrete dining table’s legs.

Do you want the leg’s space invading the seat’s space? No, right? And your clients are like that. So if they purchase online, try to advice them look for a dining set including the table and chairs. Because there are many table styles going with lots of table supports such as Trestle, Padestal, Traditional Legs,… then if they buy a table and chairs separately, it may be a wrong fit.

However, if they’re able to buy a table in person, let them sit down to test if their legs will meet with the table’s legs. When customers push all the way in, tell them to see whether it has enough area for knees and if it is comfort to spread legs below the table.


These are top 4 tips help you to get more clients buying Concrete Top Dining Table Australia because it shows you’re willing to assist them. Contact Q-Furniture to get more information supporting you to grow the business.






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