How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

January 18, 2023

How to buy furniture for your first home? A very familiar question for anyone when it comes to an important step in life – buying a home. A new home, a new home, a new beginning and the most important thing is new home furniture. But do you know how to buy new home furniture to suit the house, ensure high aesthetics and still save money? Don’t worry, How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank is a collection of useful tips and important items when you are ready to start furnishing a house


The first step is research, an extremely important step that anyone must take when buying furniture for a new home for the first time. Consider in turn the factors that you have such as budget, size of a new house, and a number of members, … A new home needs to cost from 10 to 15 thousand dollars, but most of the time. First home buyers don’t have that much budget. You can furnish your home with any budget as long as you have a specific spending plan. Take the time to research, find the right furniture, furniture manufacturers and gather as much information as possible.

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How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

How to buy furniture for your first home?

Measure Up

The second element in answering the question “How to buy furniture for your first home?” is measurement. Find out your living space by measuring the area. If you haven’t moved into a new home, refer to the property’s floor plan to better understand the size and shape of the rooms in your home. Refer to how to furnish home, the interior layout of the house to find out, and consider what furniture models will suit you and your living space.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Measuring the elements is very important when decorating the interior

To understand more about the appropriateness of furniture when you use it in your new home, you may need the help of a few design applications such as Planner 5D, Renovations 3D, and Room planner,. .. From there, it helps you shape the size and scale of the furniture, describing the true look of the space when moving the furniture in.

Just Buy The Things You Need

If you are starting everything completely new from home, the world of furniture is your first choice. Come to Q-Furniture – an industrial manufacturer and direct furniture exporter with 11 years of experience in the field. The unit will advise and provide you with all interior models that are both aesthetically pleasing and at a very reasonable price with your pocket.

Moving into a new home with lots of different personalities is also an ideal time to think about any new additions. While some new furniture will be needed, it’s also a good idea to double-check what you already own. Rate each item based on its usefulness and condition to see if it still fits your style or your new home. Make a list of things to buy such as Beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, .. and things that can be donated or thrown away. Plan to use the money you have to realistically spend on furnish entire home and make the right purchases.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Make a list of the most needed furniture

Check second-hand stores

I need new furniture and I have to buy it at a luxury furniture store” Wanted to tell you that there are many ways to furnish entire home without having to buy it in high-end stores. Don’t miss the second-hand shops. There are many quality and aesthetic second-hand pieces of furniture that may be suitable for you at an affordable price. All you need here is a clever choice and a keen eye.

Look for and often visit pawn shops and thrift stores around you to catch samples of their wares. Join groups of second-hand goods, second-hand goods, and posts for sale on social networks. This is the idea to answer the question “How to buy furniture for your first home”. Make sure they are solidly constructed, complete with parts, and clean. If you are lucky, you can own extremely quality furniture at a bargain price. Here are the top pieces of furniture you can choose from, suitable for you and your space at the thrift store.

1. Mattresses

The answer to the question “What furniture should I buy first” is the bed, mattress, and pillow. Humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping. An important factor that contributes to a better quality of your sleep is the right mattress. Make sure everyone in the family has warm blankets and soft mattresses that are suitable for their sleep.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

A suitable mattress helps to get better quality sleep

2. Sheets & Towels

One reason is that hotels and homestays only use white sheets and towels. Simply because white tones will help the room look cleaner and brighter. Besides, many studies also show that white helps people fall asleep more easily, sleep deeply, and sleep better. At the same time, white is also a neutral color, easy to coordinate with many other colors. White sheets are less likely to fray after washing than colorful sheets.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Neutral color bed sheets make it easy to fall asleep

3. Sofa

Set aside a significant portion of your budget for this. Choose a sofa that makes you fall asleep every time you put yourself on it. It is recommended that you choose a feather sofa or a fabric sofa, it will be more convenient when you clean such as washing. Do not buy a fake vinyl leather sofa, you will wear or tear it immediately and can only throw it away and replace it with another one. Only choose leather goods when there are no children or pets in the house.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Sofa creates a highlight for the house 

4. TV

Choose a TV that helps you follow the news or watch TV programs. One piece of advice for you, choose TVs from previous years’ models, not the latest models because it takes at least 5 years for technology and streaming services to catch up with 1080p TV broadcasts. at 4K.

5. Dining set

The dining tables and chairs have a simple and sophisticated design that will help score points in the eyes of users. You only need to spend a moderate amount of money to be able to own simple, versatile kitchen furniture that still ensures the aesthetics of the house.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Dining tables and chairs should have a simple and sophisticated design

6. Dining Chairs, Bar Stools & Accent Chairs

What furniture can furnish my house? Chairs are essential pieces of furniture for any home. Look carefully at your spending when buying chairs because you can change the model and quantity to refresh your style.

7. Accent Tables

Let’s start with the essentials first. You may need a chest of drawers, a bedside cabinet, a dressing table, a wardrobe, etc. to create a focal point for the room, but they don’t need to be too high-end. You still have to make sure the cabinet has corners, drawers that pull in and out easily, flexible in use.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Create a special highlight for the room from the chest of drawers

Look for multipurpose items, they are a good investment and save your budget because you can use them for a long time. I have furnish my house using the balcony table as a nightstand or a coffee table.

8. Rugs

Carpets are a great way to have fun and express your personality, and they’re also easy to change to match your style and taste. Carpet can be a big investment, but it doesn’t have to be. Carpets come in many different types and designs. If there is any damage such as a tear, or item, the value will be lost.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

9. Lamps

Lighting is an extremely important accent element for your whole home. The warm, pleasant light of the lamp creates a shimmering, fanciful space that makes the house more splendid.

Spend more on clean-looking lights, high-quality textures, and consistent styling. Find an architect, or designer or refer to many pictures and models to be able to choose the most suitable lamp. White and yellow lights will help your home stand out more.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Light is an important factor that creates splendor for the house

10. Mirrors & Art

It an indispensable piece when furnish home. An empty wall? Don’t be shy, put a mirror or a pair of mirrors in it. Not only do they make the room feel larger, but they also reflect light, making the space in the room more vibrant.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Mirrors can fill a void in the wall

Similar to the mirror can fill the empty wall. You can replace it with works of art. You travel a lot, take a lot of photos, collect it as a work of art, or easier, you spend money to own on-demand artwork or famous artwork. Then you can make your own works of art from ceramics, wire, fabric, etc. Any way you want, create your own space. Art is like the clothes you wear, it reflects who you are.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

Art wall paintings

Make the Most of Your Space, Inexpensively

Make the most of your space by choosing side tables and chairs that can be stacked. You can use a bed with drawers below or a dining table that can fold both tables and chairs to provide more convenient seating and store a lot of stuff. 

Tie Everything Together With Colour

Furnish entire house needs to have a suitable harmony so that the space in the house is harmonious with each other. A great way to coordinate a room is to use color. If you have a sofa that doesn’t have the right space for a coffee table, rethink your color scheme, it will help the overall house have a certain harmony.

The new home models all have very neutral interiors. So if you want to add a few pops of color to liven up the space, then cleverly choose furniture colors, such as colorful dining chairs or bright, bold sofas.

How To Buy Furniture For Your First Home Without Breaking The Bank

The harmony of colors creates an overall modern and sophisticated house

Consult the neighbors

A follow-up answer to the question posed at the beginning “How to buy furniture for your first home?” That is to refer to other homeowners. There is a whole community of new homeowners willing to share their experiences and journeys in interior design for their homes. You can join those communities on Instagram, Facebook, or Houzz. Enter the # tag plus the words in your field of interest and search. You will get a lot of useful information and experience from the members of that community.

Check Delivery

Today, the development of digital technology makes online purchases easier. You can easily select your favorite piece of furniture from afar with an excellent door-to-door delivery service. Instead of trying to cram all your belongings into the trunk of your car, now with the push of a button, or a call, you will have new furniture on your doorstep. From the delivery process to the orders placed, you can completely track through the phone screen. All of our shipping information is publicly visible.

Above are useful sharing about “How to buy furniture for your first home?”. Hope this information will help you have more knowledge about interior decoration for the house. Let’s create a new space full of color and energy. Good luck!

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