How To Buy Furniture Direct From Manufacturer By Specialist

September 23, 2022

How to buy furniture direct from manufacturer” is of great interest question. With the current distribution system’s development, furniture and most goods are delivered to customers through distribution intermediaries. This also incurs some additional costs and problems that leave many people unsatisfied. So the problem here is how to buy furniture direct from the manufacturer.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Buy Furniture Direct From Manufacturer

Today, the economy is developing strongly, and the trend of investing in space furniture is more and more focused. Usually, customers will seek or be introduced by friends and relatives to direct production design companies that ensure product quality and construction progress. To get a product of the best quality at an optimal price. Q-Furniture recommends how to buy furniture direct from manufacturer, not through a distributor.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Buy Furniture Direct From Manufacturer

Price advantage

If you buy furniture through retail stores, the price is usually higher, ranging from about 20-30% because they sell at a high price to make a profit from the difference. Or buy through reputable furniture brands that are often imported products, so the price is not cheap at all. In the case of a company that designs and constructs furniture for your family at the direct manufacturer, the furniture items will not be bought or resold many times and the cost is not inflated.

Therefore, with furniture products that are custom-made from the carpentry factory directly, the price will be much lower. Thus, that furniture unit has saved you a huge amount of money. At the same time, you also do not spend too much time running from place to place to choose the design and material for the furniture in the house.

Price advantage

Comprehensive warranty

Just like the question about why should you choose a furniture factory in Vietnam, the issue of buying goods directly at the place of production is something people need to pay attention to. One of the main reasons is the warranty policy. Products under the company will be a unified whole from customer consultation, to production and supply, warranty, and maintenance…

As a result, the products will keep their absolute durability. When furniture companies complete the final work of installing furniture, it is also much simpler for warranty and quality control. If it is an independent unit, it is quite difficult to maintain and repair. Issues of maintenance, maintenance, and product quality control are also not closely followed.

Customized furniture

Good coordination between the team of workers and the architect, or between the architect and the customer is extremely important. With the company’s workshop, customers, consultants, design teams, and carpenters will interact more easily. The furniture direct from the manufacturer will be by the customer’s needs, desires, and ideas.

Customized furniture

If the company does not have a direct factory, the customer will have to work with a 3rd party. At that time, everything will be difficult to fit together, the time to process drawings, as well as finishing, will be longer and product quality may not be guaranteed.

Access To A Much Larger Stock

You may not know, that distribution intermediaries or retailers will only provide products that they think customers will need and like, but they do not create or find a product. Unique that customers have never thought of.

Therefore, when choosing to buy at retail stores, what you get in return are ordinary furniture products, with no difference and no creativity. In contrast to direct production sites, manufacturers are always looking for new ideas, combining materials to create richness for products. And they also design different kinds of interior designs.

4 Steps To Answer How To Buy Furniture Direct From Manufacturer

Furniture is an important item that determines a part of the beauty of your space and furniture is often quite expensive. Therefore, to make a purchase decision and get a satisfactory product, you cannot choose randomly but need to consider their quality and price carefully. To find furniture manufacturers and buy furniture directly from manufacturers, the process will go through 4 steps.

4 Steps To Answer How To Buy Furniture Direct From Manufacturer

Step 1

The first stage in the buying process is the discovery of your need. Usually, during this period you will have a need and desire to own furniture. After that, I will explore and learn about the product so that I can consider and decide if I want to buy it or not. This buying process usually begins after seeing an advertisement, at a loved one’s home. This is the first step to answering “How To Buy Furniture Direct From Manufacturer

Step 2

The second stage of the buying process is detailed research. Thanks to the widespread digitization of furniture companies, customers can now conduct thorough research on a product from the comfort of their own homes. For example, if you are buying a Side Table – White – Unique, the customer needs to understand the place of origin. Is the material concrete or is it just a tiny fraction? And also see the reviews of people who have used them to see if they are satisfied with the product.

Step 3

The third stage of the buying process is review. At this point, the customer has done their research and now they are starting to consider buying the product. However, to make a buying decision, the consumer will re-evaluate the product and see if it meets their expectations.

Customers will make the payment if they agree to buy and do the necessary procedures and documents for the purchase process.

The review stage can easily be influenced by the technology used to represent the products. As the buying process has shifted to more online shopping, having a solution to present your products virtually is what will set you up for success.

Step 4

The final stage of the procurement process is the purchase itself. At this stage, customers proceeded to choose their favorite and most suitable products. At the same time, the payment and procedures have also been processed. So now what the customer needs to do is to prepare his space in preparation for his furniture to be moved in.

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The Best Furniture Manufacturer in Vietnam

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Therefore, if you want to buy furniture direct from the manufacturer, then Q-Furniture is the best choice for your business. Please connect with us to discuss more.

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