Answer The Question How Long Can You Keep Furniture In Storage

October 5, 2022

How long can you keep furniture in storage? This a question that interests many people and needs a reasonable answer. Because how can both arrange furniture in the house neatly without having to throw away the items that can still be used or have been with us for a long time? This article will surely answer your questions and problems.

Determine If A Piece Of Furniture Is Worth Storing

Storing food, personal belongings, clothes, and shoes is always difficult for housewives. With old habits, storage spaces are often overlooked, in contrast to today, this space is given utmost importance.

Determine If A Piece Of Furniture Is Worth Storing

A house is a home, a place where people return after tiring moments outside of society. At the same time, it is also a health care space, meeting all your daily living needs. If you want your home to be beautiful and comfortable, then you probably don’t want to see a bunch of shabby furniture. To solve this problem, storage space is the answer for you.

Decide Where to Store Your Furniture

Think of the main house as a small supermarket, everything needs to be calculated to have shelves, drawers, and its place. Let’s start with the main spaces such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, these are the basic spaces that any house has, no matter how big or small. Q-Furniture will help you list the three best places to store your belongings.

 Attic, Basement, Garage, or Shed

The most traditional way to design a basement is to turn it into a family storage room.

If the basement was previously still associated with a dark, mysterious, and somewhat scary image, now you can turn the basement into a more aesthetic and convenient storage place.

 Attic, Basement, Garage, or Shed

In addition to arranging a cabinet system to store rarely used things, you can design more shelves to display memorabilia and pictures. Basement – ​​a place to store things and also a place to bring back nostalgia for your family members

Storage Units

Packing seems simple, but it’s quite laborious and takes a lot of time because everyone’s family has a lot of miscellaneous things. To save you time and effort, and avoid risks during transportation due to improper packaging, you should hire a storage service and use their packaging support service. This way, you can both ensure your belongings are properly packed for safe transportation and storage, and also solve the problem of not knowing where to put your belongings when moving to a new house. not yet repaired or handed over.

Storage Units

Is the storage unit indoors or outdoors?

Usually, the storage will help control and prevent direct sunlight from reaching objects because the sun contains a lot of UV rays that can quickly damage the objects in your home.

Is the storage unit indoors or outdoors?

Or in case you don’t want to use outdoor storage, you can also consider using indoor storage. Good climate-controlled indoor furniture storage will help preserve furniture for longer.

Protect Furniture Pieces with Proper Preservation

First, we need to use a variety of methods to clean wooden, metal, and leather interior surfaces for long-term storage.

The sun’s rays can change the color of wooden furniture. Therefore, you need to place furniture in the appropriate area of ​​your home. The color of the furniture will be changed if you place it in a bright area; Too dry weather will cause cracks.

Humidity greatly affects your furniture. High humidity leads to wood blistering, whereas wood splitting or cracking occurs when humidity is low. High humidity also causes mold growth on furniture. You should keep wooden items away from humid places, where there is heavy rain.

Select Your Unit for Storage Success

You need a place to store things in your home so that your house can be more spacious and neat, you want to use a how to decorate your living room without furniture, or you are in the process of moving house, waiting for delivery. If you have a house and do not have a place to store your furniture, you need to find a reputable storage unit that can ensure that the storage process will not lead to any property damage or loss of items. measure.

To find a reputable hosting unit, you need to evaluate what the unit stores, how the storage and storage processes take place, and how effective its climate control is. are not.

Tips For Answering The Question How Long Can You Keep Furniture In Storage

After making the assessment and choosing the way to store the furniture that you consider the most reasonable, now, we need to prepare for the furniture that is about to be stored. This preparation process is also a part of determining the quality of furniture preservation, and for our furniture to return to the same condition as when it was stored, you need to perform the following steps.

Step 1: Clean the Items

Before moving your furniture to another place for storage, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the interior surface so that there are no stains, no matter how small or large, because these stains if left untreated. Well in the process of storing for a long time, the stain will spread more.

Use some kind of solution to clean the interior surface again.

Step 1: Clean the Items

Use a towel to dry the furniture. Polish furniture is made of metal so that oxidation does not take place.

You can also apply a layer of paint or a protective layer to the interior surface for better preservation.

Step 2: Disassemble Larger Pieces

Next, we need to remove furniture such as drawers, chair legs, shelves, and bed legs to make the packing process easier.

With furniture like a Concrete Stool – Concrete Side Table – Gray, you can keep it intact without needing to disassemble it, but with assembled furniture, in addition to making it easy to pack and transport it also helps the furniture. Our furniture does not limit the risk of damage or breakage during transportation.

Step 2: Disassemble Larger Pieces

One thing to keep in mind when disassembling furniture is that you need to pack the disassembled items in one place to avoid loss or misplacement during storage.

Step 3: Pack the Furniture for Storage

The last step is also the most important and time-consuming. At this stage, you need to prepare carefully to help preserve the furniture well during the storage period.

Step 3: Pack the Furniture for Storage

You need to wrap furniture with a variety of fabrics, and safely wrap each type of furniture with different materials. You can use a thick cloth towel to cover the interior materials to avoid dust and dirt during storage.

When will you require storage?

We only need to store things when we are moving house, or in case your living space is quite tight and many items, you need to find a place to store them so that you can still use them later. if there is more space.

Above is some information on how to store furniture in your home, help your space become more spacious, and know how to properly store furniture also contributes to increasing the aesthetics of your living space. For more useful information, contact us on Linkedin.