Top 15 American Furniture Manufacturers In 2022

October 25, 2022

The global furniture market has witnessed tremendous growth, resulting in outstanding profits for the top 15 furniture manufacturers in the world The most significant factor driving growth in the market is a substantial demand from the young generation – led by the best furniture brands in the world mentioned in this article. The growing popularity of online retail stores to support market growth in North America is another factor contributing to the development of the global furniture market.


Furniture manufacturers, organizations, and businesses that have companies and establishments that produce furniture for the living space of families, offices, and business locations. This is not only the place to create and supply furniture for us but also gives many interior design ideas and spaces to customers. Depending on their experiences and strengths, furniture manufacturers will now provide items with different materials and uses.

So what brands are the biggest furniture manufacturers today, and How to Identify Furniture Manufacturers, all will be revealed now.

List Of Top 15 Furniture Manufacturers

The growing demand for domestic furniture continues to dominate that market and the top furniture manufacturers in the world are aware of this. America’s leading furniture manufacturers are responding to consumer and market needs with multifunctional furniture that includes various features such as maximum storage capacity, stylish design, and design. Innovative space saving is driving the global furniture market growth. Here are the top 15 furniture brands in 2022 in the US that Q-Furniture has researched.

#1 – Stickley

Place of production: New York and North Carolina.

Emerging from the Art and Crafts movement after the industrial revolution. The Stickley brand focuses on building furniture for life, handed down from generation to generation.

Today, most of the products at Stickley are made by craftsmen in upstate New York City and North Carolina workshops. Furniture with the motto and principle of honesty and integrity. Products at Stickley are built using over-construction methods such as Splints, Tenon and Tennon Joints, Dovetailed cross rails, tongue and groove pull joints, keel linings, and more.

#1 - Stickley

The business philosophy of living in harmony with nature has been used by Stickley since 1900, so the company has always focused on quality, durability, and long-term efficiency throughout production and management. . Stickley’s collection always includes the highest quality furniture in the world, proving this is truly a brand that values ​​the heritage, quality and craftsmanship of skilled craftsmen.

#2 – Q-Furniture

As furniture manufacturers and direct exporters in Vietnam. More than 11 years working in the field of concrete furniture production. The company’s products since 2010 are known not only for their low prices but also for their unique and remarkable designs.

#2 - Q-Furniture

Q-Furniture is committed to providing high-quality concrete furniture and meeting the different requirements of customers. Continuous innovation in technology and production technology to conquer fastidious customers around the world. Currently, the company has affirmed its brand trust in the UK, USA, Australia, and markets. The Netherlands.

In addition to concrete products, to be able to meet the needs of customers, in recent years, Q-Furniture has launched products that mix concrete and wood materials such as Concrete and Brushed Acacia Buffet – White Concrete Tops.

#3 – Smith Brothers of Berne

Manufacturer: Berne, Indiana.

Known as a brand for high-quality, durable furniture and has been in furniture production since 2026. The production and customization of products always happen in Berene with more than 500 employees, always ensuring quality. The accuracy and the degree of product customization are not entirely dependent on the furniture manufacturers but also come from the needs of the customer. The brand’s interior products are mostly made of solid wood, steel coil springs, high-quality foam, high-quality textiles, and grain leather.

The production volume of Smith Brothers is extremely large with more than 2100 pieces of upholstery fabric created in a week. The brand has always selected and created the most unique and quality fabrics and leathers to create the perfect optimization for its interior products. The staff and workforce here are also trained and guided to work meticulously and carefully from the smallest stages to the larger jobs. It is because of the strict requirements in the selection of input materials and the production process that Smith Brothers has become a prestigious and high-quality brand of living room furniture in the United States.

#4 – Daniels Amish

Place of Origin: Holmes, Ohio

Daniels Amish includes custom-crafted furniture in a variety of styles, materials, sizes, and hardware. Created in a region with a long tradition of wood craftsmanship, Ohio, the furniture here is also handcrafted and heirloom, which can last a lifetime.

#4 - Daniels Amish

With raw materials from hardwoods in the North region, high durability, and available natural beauty. Under the hands of skilled, long-standing woodworkers. Furniture at Daniels Amish guarantees to bring customers absolute satisfaction in quality and design. Each bed here includes 12 stands made from exclusive die-cast aluminum along with many solid hardwood slats. Solid enough to last long, through many different generations.

#5 – Sherrill Furniture

Made in: Hickory, North Carolina

Sherrill Furniture manufacturers have been the supplier of custom furniture for many of the major furniture stores in the United States and Canada since 1944. Sherrill furniture uses the highest quality materials, along with the team. Long-time, skilled technicians always create perfect, durable, and beautiful products. Always innovating and modifying its limitations and production processes. With the spirit of always being new to the profession. Sherrill maintains all product quality standards and has established itself as a leader in the production of high-quality home furniture.

#5 - Sherrill Furniture

With the mission of always making customers recognize themselves as a leading company in the field of furniture. Sherill is always looking for ways to create perfect sofas, chairs, and tables that exceed customer expectations.

#6 – MAVIN

Place of Origin: Dundee, Ohio

Three generations are the MAVIN wood factory. To date, all the woods that make up MAVIN’s products are grown and harvested locally. Specializes in manufacturing dining table and bedroom sets, made from solid wood, without using composite materials. Careful production begins with the fact that they know the characteristics of the wood they choose as a material, even when it is still a seedling. Each product at MAVIN is used with heritage manufacturing traditions and modern technology created to bring customers the most perfect product. On the other hand, MAVIN is careful to use a finish to preserve the integrity and beauty of the interior surface, with this idea, the brand’s products can destroy 95% of the interior. produced around the world.

#7 – Vaughan-Bassett

Made in: Galax, Virginia

Vaughan-Bassett was founded in 1919 with about 700 employees in Galax, Virginia, and Elkin, North Carolina. The furniture here is created mainly from solid wood and wood planks, the wood used is sourced from areas close to their place of production.

#7 - Vaughan-Bassett

Vaughan-Bassett through a program named one for one dedicated to the craft, American heritage, and sustainability.

Mainly produces bedroom furniture, sometimes also produces dining tables. But if you want to look for other furniture products such as bed cabinets, tables, and mirrors, Vaughan Bassett can also provide them.

#8 – England Furniture

In 1964 in East Tennessee, England Furniture brothers Charles, Eugene, and Dwight England founded a company specializing in manufacturing quality upholstered furniture products to be recognized by everyone as having the highest quality and having the highest quality. Shortest renewal cycle in the industry.

Furniture UK is a furniture manufacturer of custom sofas, accents, and sectional furniture. With a variety of designs, visitors can choose the right furniture for each type of space.

#8 - England Furniture

Using more than 500 fabrics and leathers for its products. British furniture will give you the most choices. The furniture is made from durable plywood that is fixed with solid wood so the integrity of the product is always preserved.

#9 – Hickorycraft Furniture

Production Location: Taylorsville, North Carolina

More than 45 years of establishment in the town of Taylorsville North Carolina, where there is a family tradition as furniture manufacturers. Over many generations, the company is now strong in the form of custom orders, customers will be able to choose from more than 140 sofa styles, 100 accent chairs, 40 premium types of leather, and 1000 fabrics.

#9 - Hickorycraft Furniture

The brand’s products have been produced in an environmentally friendly manner. All saner facilities are EFEC certified for sustainable production and Earthcare Inside-certified materials reduce environmental impact.

#10 – La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy began operating as a furniture manufacturer in 1927 when brothers Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch designed their wooden recliner and this was also the first product to launch the brand. La-Z-Boy

To this day, the company is constantly innovating and has a commitment to interior quality and produces a series of high-quality furniture products that exceed customers’ expectations.

#10 - La-Z-Boy

Through research and development, the company has utilized world-class global supply chains and has always been careful in sourcing the domestic production process. Furniture that is constantly being born such as bedroom furniture, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, and outdoor furniture is guaranteed quality, safety, and diverse designs.

#11- Best Home Furnishings

Made in: Ferdinand, Indiana

Founded in 1962 by two men with the same knowledge of chair design. So far, from a small company, they have built up a large Best Home Furniture with more than 1000 production employees. The company specializes in the production of custom furniture such as recliners, sofas, accent chairs, and relaxation chairs…with high quality but much lower prices than other companies in the same industry in the US.

#11- Best Home Furnishings

The best home furnishings create products that range in style from the classic wingback chair to the contemporary swivel barrel chair. However, those chairs are all constructed with solid wood frames, high-quality bots, and very high-quality cushions.

#12 – LifeStyle Furnishings

Offering more than 70 furniture products for sofas, lounge chairs, couches, and more than 70 products of recliners right on its showroom floor, it is considered one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Fresno/Clovis.

With over 31 years of operation in the field of manufacturing and supplying furniture, LifeStyle is committed to always providing customers with the most perfect and high-quality furniture products.

#13 – Ethan Allen

Founded in 1932, the brand is a chain of more than 300 large American furniture stores around the world, including Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. Created by Nathan S.Ancell and Theodore Baumritter, based in Danbury, Connecticut.

In the process of becoming a leading furniture manufacturer, the company is constantly modifying its product lines, discarding its inherent colonial roots in favor of a fresh look. Production workers are hired from many other countries around the world, with professional skills and advanced technology, so the company is always confident in the quality of its products.

Not only affirming its position as a leading furniture manufacturer but also declaring its leadership in the field of environmentally responsible manufacturing.

#14 – Furniture Brands International

Currently the official furniture distributor of Caracole, Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture, and Theodore Alexander Modern in the UK. An ideal and leading online destination for retailers and interior designers seeking luxury designer furniture created by the hands of leading and mass designers. other featured accessories.

Furniture Brands International has always been aiming to provide the best experience with its furniture products and spectacular accessories to customers from just a small piece to a large collection.

#15 – Klaussner

Klaussner has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying high-quality home furniture to customers around the world since 1963. With the mission of always creating high-value products, and continuous innovation ability. , and committed to absolute customer satisfaction.

#15 - Klaussner

Headquarters are located in Asheboro, North Carolina. Thousands of skilled craftspeople, with years of experience in creating perfect furniture products. The brand’s products are quite diverse, you can find many different furniture products from upholstered furniture, fabrics, sofas, and more.

Think about buying American-made furniture for your next purchasing

You are looking to buy a wooden furniture product or want to design a certain wooden product for your home or office with guaranteed quality and high durability. Consider buying American-made furniture to get a feel for the quality of this market’s products. The reason you should choose furniture manufacturers in the US is that the furniture products here are guaranteed for quality, strict management, and supervision process, and most of the furniture products are original. heritage, long-lasting and eco-friendly manufacturing process. You can refer to How To Buy Furniture Directly From The Manufacturer By Professionals to be able to buy the best furniture products in the US.

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