Furniture Factory In Vietnam: List of Items Needed For New Apartment

April 30, 20220

Own an apartment and you don’t know what to buy to add comfort to your living space? Immediately update the list of necessary items from living room, bedroom to kitchen and bathroom for those who own an apartment for the first time that furniture factory in VietnamQ-Furniture shared in this article.

List of items to buy for the living room from furniture factory in Vietnam

Concrete console table and sofa


If the living room is likened to the face of the house, the furniture is the face of the living room. So consider and choose a set of concrete console tables and chairs that is not only beautiful in color and style but also must be suitable for the space and area of ​​the house.

Every family has different preferences. Usually, those who like luxury and classic space will choose a wooden sofa set. And homeowners who like a modern, comfortable look choose a concrete console table and sofa from concrete design.

Tea set


Preparing the items for the living room is indispensable for the delicate and small set of teapots on the table. They are useful objects and at any time the host is ready to welcome the beloved guests of the family in the most thoughtful way.


It’s very happy when after a hard working day, the whole family can gather together at night, have fun and have fun. Families watch a movie together, laugh together, cry together, argue about characters, and eat familiar snacks in front of a familiar TV. Depending on your financial condition and family needs, there are many TV brands to choose from. For example, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Sharp, TCL…

List of items to buy for the bedroom



There are almost 8 hours of sleep a day. So choosing what kind of bed in the bedroom is very important so that you can be most comfortable, relax and have the best sleep after a hard working day.

Bedding, pillow, mattress set

The list of furniture for a new home cannot be complete without a set of blankets and pillows. If you have a bed you like, just add a suitable set of blankets and pillows and you will have the best sleep to regain your health and spirit for a full day. In addition to the bedding and pillow companies that are deeply rooted in the Vietnamese people’s subconscious, Song Hong, there are many other brands. For example, Everhome, Havico, Everon, Vikosan, Amando, Forever, Grand, Kymdan… for you to choose from.


For men, just a beautiful and comfortable wardrobe is enough. But for women, it is necessary to have a really large cabinet or a few cabinets to be able to store all of their ever-increasing wardrobe of clothes. If there are children in the house, there should be colorful plastic cabinets, many compartments to store all the baby’s small things more neatly.


Curtains are items in the bedroom that need to be purchased immediately. Curtains not only block the sun but also act as a feng shui item. Each window should have a set of curtains so that at any time we can open the window to let in cool air and natural light without having to suffer the harsh rays of the sun shining into the room. For home spaces, fabric curtains are the most beautiful and convenient.

List of items to buy for the kitchen



Referring to the kitchen, remember the first stove, every family has an option, be it a gas stove or an electric stove. But now people almost choose the type of electric stove because it is safe, easy to use, looks neat, clean and luxurious. Especially when cooking is also much faster.


All food and food in the kitchen are reduced to the size of a refrigerator. There are families with not one, but two refrigerators. But that is quite expensive in electricity, so before buying, consider the kitchen space and the number of family members to choose the most suitable one. And still the big refrigerator brands. For example: Samsung, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, … to consider options when buying.

The pans

No matter how large the kitchen space is, it still feels tight because women love to shop for sets of pots from large to small, from this type of cooking to that of other dishes, from this type of frying pan to this type of frying pan. that. In short, buy a large set at first, then add more when needed.

List of items to buy for the bathroom


Washing machine

Women now know how to take care of themselves, no matter what, they have to have a washing machine to handle all of the family’s clothes for themselves. The washing machine helps women have time to rest and protect their soft hands against the harmful effects of washing powders.

There are two types of washing machines with vertical and horizontal cages that make you wonder. But it seems that horizontal nesting is chosen by more women because it has more advantages and conveniences. For example, steam washing, drying, saving water, protecting clothes more…


Usually the bathroom will be separate from the toilet, but many types of houses still have a common room for both shower and toilet. But should buy for each floor a separate toilet for the most convenient use for family members.

Washbasin and mirror

The bathroom space, whether large or small, should buy a set of washbasins and accompanying mirror. If the room is small, you should only choose a small set to attach a neat corner to the wall.


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