Furniture Factories Vietnam: Tips for Impressive Coffee Shop Decoration

April 19, 20220

After stressful working and studying hours, most customers want to find a place to relax their souls and relieve fatigue and stress. What could be more wonderful than chatting with friends or loved ones over a cup of sweet coffee in a light and cozy space. Beautiful and impressive Cafe Decoration Ideas from Q-Furniture -furniture factories Vietnam will definitely be a suggestion not to be missed for you.

90s style – Furniture Factories Vietnam

Furniture Factories Vietnam: Tips for Impressive Coffee Shop Decoration

This is an ancient design style, away from the hustle and bustle of life, looking for moments of relaxation and peace… The main colors that create this unique style are deep colors. Character: dark green, brown, …

Wall-mounted items and accessories must also meet the following criteria: antique and luxurious. These can be mentioned are wooden items, concrete design or old accessories: black and white televisions, radios, old cameras, etc. Especially using soundproof walls so as not to distract from the quiet space. …

Bar-style wall decoration

Furniture Factories Vietnam: Tips for Impressive Coffee Shop Decoration

The bar-style cafe wall design is a new, luxurious design. Designed this way, it will be easy for customers to order drinks and pay. Besides, with this layout, customers will feel comfortable and trendy with Westernization.

Decorate with art paintings combined with round coffee table sets

Furniture Factories Vietnam: Tips for Impressive Coffee Shop Decoration

It is a way of choosing pictures with meaningful messages, with unique artistic beauty, highlighted by a harmonious whole. Photos, color memos stuck to the wall will create many surprises for customers.

Moreover, the combination with round coffee table sets will create a different highlight compared to the common space in the shop. This also adds artistry to your coffee shop.

Create unique accents with handmade items

It can be said that this is a smart way to choose, highlighting your coffee shop with coffee shops that use items created with modern technology, creating a sense of closeness, showing the care and feats of the locals. its creator.

The decoration in this way is popular with young people because it is unique. You can make accessories such as: dreamcatcher, flowerpot, lantern, etc.

Library style – Furniture Factories Vietnam

Also known as a book cafe, this is also a popular wall design trend today. Using the wall of the shop to become a super giant bookshelf, what could be better? This style is especially loved by people who love to read, explore and discover, and knowledge entrepreneurs.

However, designing a wall with books is quite expensive. Because in addition to upgrading the quality of drinks in the shop to follow the market and create a highlight, the shop must also update good, diverse and suitable books for all ages to retain customers.

Rustic style

Also known as wall design in a classic style, but softer because of the combination of green colors of nature and bonsai, it gives visitors a feeling of comfort and closeness to nature. It can be said that this is a very reasonable workspace for those who need a peaceful place to create their own unique mind products.

Coastal style – Furniture Factories Vietnam

It’s a fairly new design style. This style impresses with the most attention to space. This style always tries to bring to customers comfort, openness, fresh in the space, peace for visitors.

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