Top 4 Famous Furniture Factories In Vietnam

March 21, 20220

Top Furniture Factories in Vietnam

The Vietnamese furniture market is receiving more and more famous and reputable furniture factories in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Let’s explore those prestigious addresses for the family’s shopping needs from Concrete Furniture Vietnam.

Q-Furniture – Furniture Factories In Vietnam

Q-Furniture Vietnam: Top 4 Famous Furniture Factories In Vietnam

Q-Furniture is a well-known concrete furniture manufacturers in Vietnam. The company has stood firmly in the industry for 11 years, exporting to many countries, including the US, Australia, UK, and the Netherlands. All are proof of curahoj’s credibility in each product.

Q-Furniture – manufacturer of concrete furniture is always qualified to meet export requirements and satisfy corporate customers from all over the world.

Q-Funiture prides itself on automated production and world-class processing machinery. By using only such technology at the bottom line, the company can supply large quantity of concrete pots for sale or any concrete furniture at the fastest speed and of course at the right price. physical. OEM/ODM service is also applied in the Q-Furniture factory to ensure the product is up to standard.

BAYA Vietnam – Furniture Factories In Vietnam

In 2006, Baya (formerly known as UMA) was introduced as a new furniture shopping model and quickly became a leading trusted brand, accompanying thousands of Vietnamese families “Turn your home into a nest”. warm”.

Baya Furniture is one of the familiar addresses for customers wishing to buy high-class furniture products. Quality is guaranteed with most of the interior products imported from abroad with diverse designs. Not only a prestigious address for quality, Baya furniture supermarket is also chosen by a large number of customers because of its preferential warranty service, Baya’s furniture products are guaranteed for 6 months and free of charge. transport.

Nha Xinh Furniture – Furniture Factories In Vietnam

Q-Furniture Vietnam: Top 4 Famous Furniture Factories In Vietnam

Nha Xinh Furniture is one of the few furniture brands that can stand and develop with a leading position in the Vietnamese furniture market. Interior Beautiful House owns many large-scale and professional furniture showrooms in two big cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Most of Nha Xinh furniture’s products are designed and manufactured by a team of experienced designers with the support of the most modern factory and machinery system. Nha Xinh furniture brand is positioned in the market with green design trends, materials used are friendly to the environment and users. As a brand that has been awarded the title of “High Quality Vietnamese Goods”, “Trusted brand” and “Top 100 Top Suppliers” for many years in a row.

ChiLai Furniture Joint Stock Company

Q-Furniture Vietnam: Top 4 Famous Furniture Factories In Vietnam

Established in 1994, ChiLai Furniture Joint Stock Company is one of the professional suppliers of furniture, office furniture and design and decoration of living space. With superiority over other units in customer care, ChiLai Furniture Joint Stock Company always tries to ensure customer satisfaction by consulting and caring from a team of experts with a high level of care. All very competitive. Besides, ChiLai’s interior products are also regularly updated according to the general trend and flow of the world.

With more than 15 years of experience in providing interior and exterior products for the domestic market, in recent years Chi Lai brand has been known by consumers abroad, and many other items has been exported to major countries such as Myanmar, Hong Kong and the US market. With the domestic market, in addition to distribution to households in general, Chi Lai also has the opportunity to cooperate with other businesses in many different fields such as restaurants, companies, hotels and resorts. 5 stars.

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