Custom Concrete Furniture: Tips For Choosing The Right Pot For Plants

March 18, 20220

Currently on the market, concrete planters are richly designed, expressed through eye-catching designs, suitable sizes, and different colors. In this article, Q-Furniturecustom concrete furniture will share the experience of choosing beautiful pots as well as the most effective way to place pots to help you have more experience in choosing to buy bonsai pots.

Custom Concrete Furniture: Tips For Choosing The Right Pot For Plants

Material of the pot

One of the important steps that mark the growth of a plant is choosing the material for your pot. Plant pots are diversified based on different types of materials. You can consider the following materials, but make sure the pot design provides ventilation holes to aid drainage.

Concrete – custom concrete furniture

Custom Concrete Furniture: Tips For Choosing The Right Pot For Plants

At the forefront of durability, concrete is the perfect choice for large outdoor constructions. For concrete products, Q-Furniture is confident to provide you with quality products such as concrete outdoor table, concrete planters, etc.

Terracotta- custom concrete furniture

Custom Concrete Furniture: Tips For Choosing The Right Pot For Plants

Terracotta is known as a traditional material for potted plants. Users often tend to choose to buy pots with small sizes, because usually large sizes will be quite expensive and heavier. This pot is highly permeable and volatile, making it ideal for houseplants and Mediterranean herbs like rosemary and basil. Glazed terracotta is not aesthetically pleasing because in the process of using the pot will be dirty or cracked.


Custom Concrete Furniture: Tips For Choosing The Right Pot For Plants

Plastic is known for its durability, lightness and affordable price. Usually, choose a bright color that will bring life to the plant, or a traditional terracotta color is also a good idea. If you are looking for material for an outdoor plant, avoid choosing black as dark colors will harm root growth. Consider alternative plastic containers, like crates, pails, or buckets.

The wood

Wooden pots bring a natural touch when combined with the lively space in your garden. Wood is durable and weather-resistant, and won’t break or crack over time. Wooden pots will weigh more when filled with soil, so you should put them in place before starting the growing process. Wooden pots are usually very suitable for growing plants outdoors.


The advantage of ceramic is its durability and beautiful design. But porcelain pots are rarely chosen because they are quite expensive and drain slowly. Perfect for any houseplant.

Based on enamel color

Pot enamel is considered a background color to highlight the color of flowers, or leaves. Avoid using pots with enamel colors that match the color of flowers or fruits.

In addition, depending on the player’s intentions, the color of the pot will also be different, but you should remember the general principles when mixing colors: hot and cold color schemes, contrasting and contrasting colors.
For yellow-white flowers: Use purple, brown or tile-colored pots for plants with bright flowers and leaves.

For red and purple flowers: use white, turquoise, yellow enamel pots.

Based on the contours of the trunk

Short plants should use tall pots, especially good looking ones. And vice versa, tall plants use low pots. For art plants should choose pots with a minimum amount of soil enough for the tree to maintain life. Avoid choosing too deep pots because both create a feeling of heaviness and reduce the aesthetics of the tree.

Plants with strong shapes, strong curves, and rough stems will be suitable for pots with straight corners, no curves or textures. You just need to choose the simpler the pot, the more prominent the shape of the tree.

The tree has a flexible shape, the lines on the flexible trunk will be suitable for pots with many curves, bringing harmony with the curves on the trunk.

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