Concrete’s Role In Life-Enhancing Design In 2022

August 18, 20220

Concrete’s Role In Life-Enhancing Design

The design community has recently embraced ancient ideas such as biometrics, biofluidics, and chromatography. These recreate step-by-step the foundations of humanity and its role in the universe by connecting science, math, nature, and color with the way a space appears and feels. Therefore, the concrete’s role is also enhanced to recognize valuable aesthetics and algorithms for later time.

Concrete’s Role In Life Design

Currently, while wooden furniture is still more popular, modern concrete furniture has gradually been known and used by people. The natural concrete colors that Q-Furniture creates for the furniture are completely natural. Therefore, they can last for hundreds of years with time. And more specifically, our workers always know how to stay ahead of the trend, so users don’t need to worry about its design or features in the future.

Concrete’s Role In Life Design


Concrete Water Light By Clodagh

This textured, filled-with-river stones concrete sculpture serves as both a fountain and a light. The stone (earth) and light (fire) balance the display of natural components, while the water offers positive Feng Shui energy.

You can also use concrete’s role as a decoration for the interior of the concrete house to be richer and more impressive.


Railroad Concrete Bench & Console Table By Clodagh

Inspired by birds on a ride on the train, Q-Furniture‘s long concrete table designs are carefully invested in the smoothness of the tabletop, bringing the best visual experience. 

Railroad Concrete Bench & Console Table By Clodagh

Mesa Concrete Dining Table By Clodagh

Concrete color tables attract conversation just as easily as it stands alone as a piece of sculpture. In addition, these designs often go hand in hand with portability. They can integrate trolleys under the table, making it as light as 1g to move.

Mesa Concrete Dining Table By Clodagh

Nomadic Concrete Coffee Table By Clodagh

This portable coffee table with a shelf underneath the table top is the ultimate multitasker. It also provides the current industrial appearance that complements many contemporary designs. It is made of rolling steel underneath and satin-smooth concrete on top.


Groovy Vessel Sink By Clodagh

One of the designs that brought concrete’s role was the GROO sink mold, which that potential constructed from concrete-tooled stone, which grabs with ease, making it the ideal case study for showcasing concrete’s can be put on a wall or a counter. Additionally, you can decide where you want the drain to be placed.

Groov Vessel Sink By Clodagh

Primitive Concrete Wheel By Clodagh

This piece, which is purely ornamental, was motivated by Clodagh’s exploration and more than one hundred international trips. There are countless options, including hanging a single item or a collection of items together. Backlight it if you can. 


Concrete Design Continues

Colorful concrete designs bearing the value of concrete’s role have always been researched and implemented by Q-Furniture. In addition, concrete materials are chosen to store and protect the beauty of the furniture, because they are very durable over time and have high applicability in human life.

Concrete Design Continues

If these concrete color ideas appeal to your sight and touch. Please contact us via Linkedin or Instagram for consultation and design.

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