Concrete Pots For Sale – A Q-Furniture Gallery Of Desirable Items

March 1, 20220

How you reach your goals determines our success. It’s time to strengthen and advance your furniture empire by outsourcing and getting support from the outstanding supplier and manufacturer. Combining our 11-year foundation and multiple competent projects, we guarantee the finest high-quality concrete pots for sale at better prices. On the way to seeking more cemented furniture pieces? You might be captivated by our concrete outdoor dining table and round concrete coffee table!

Concrete Pots For Sale – What We Can Offer

1. A small size option

concrete pots for sale a q-furniture gallery of desirable items

This planter is suitable for “concrete newbies”! It is no doubt that cement-based goods have dominated the business as a result of the emergence of the industrial decor concept. This is also because of their well-known lifespan, versatile, and durable qualities. However, some people may find it hard to recognize the aesthetic of concrete furniture. Therefore, a smaller choice would help the owner to take things slow and gradually learn how to mix them with other materials such as wood.

2. A cylinder choice

concrete pots for sale a q-furniture gallery of desirable items

Who said concrete furniture items only have neutral color shades? Using technologies for color customization, we offer a variety of choices for our clients. Regarding the item’s shape. this contemporary cylinder planter would make a statement in any room with its smooth trendy curves. In order to promote the “imperfect is the new perfection” concept of concrete furniture. We keep the natural roughness and the raw look of the item. However, the planter will get a certain polished layer for lifetime usage.

3. Square/rectangular concrete pots for sale

This concrete planter with a minimalist design would be ideal for any space from the bedroom to offices. Being made with lightweight concrete that features outstanding characteristics of the material, such as durability, weather resistance, and UV resistance. This product line would last for a lifetime, therefore is an environmentally-friendly choice.  In addition, the straight clean lines and solid finish creates a fresh modern decor look.

4.  With metal legs

concrete pots for sale a q-furniture gallery of desirable items

This planter, with its sleek concrete texture and black metal foundation, is a wonderful way to exhibit florals and other vivid foliage in your home or workplace. Regarding the benefits, it can boost the development process of the plants. As we design the planter to have 2 holes, enabling water to leak out and travel through the soil. As a result, avoid overwatering.

Q-Furniture – A 11 Years Of Experience Manufacturer

By leveraging such technology, we can supply the appropriate number of concrete dining tables at the quickest possible time and a fair price. At the same time, because we use nanotechnology, our concrete furniture is of the greatest quality. Q-Funiture is proud of its automated devices and pre-programmed processes. We have demonstrated our reputation by exporting to four countries: the United States, Australia, England, and the Netherlands, with over 200 clients and 11 years in the market. To comply with export restrictions while also pleasing corporate customers from all around the world. The quality of the concrete table and other Q-Furniture items must be maintained.

Can’t find the wanted concrete planter shape and color? Contact and send us the design! Our factory can satisfy any type of demand from our clients.

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