Concrete Planters For Sale – Benefits Of Direct Purchases From Factories

February 27, 20220

The ideal balance of elegance and practicality. Q-Furniture concrete planters for sale are wise choices for greenery, bringing aesthetics to spaces that last for a lifetime. From gigantic size to lovely indoor pots, from bright color to neutral palette, we can custom the concrete design based on your business need. Interested in other pieces of concrete garden furniture? Check out our product categories for more!

concrete planters for sale benefits of direct purchases from factories

Your Business Needs To Look For A Vietnam Manufacturer

Who are we? Q-Furniture is a Vietnam-based corporation that provides concrete furniture manufacture and supply solutions for businesses. Understanding the conundrum of time, cost, and quality, we created this brand with the goal of providing value to our clients by ensuring the best quality along with fair prices and addressing all of their needs.

1. Buying directly from the factory is cheaper

Whether you’re running a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or any type of business. You may want to optimize the cost of decorating and purchasing furniture items as much as possible. And as a matter of fact, a product price that is sold at the retailers or displayed at stores is already including the slotting fee. This means that the buyers have to pay extra money for your furniture set. Understanding the difference in product prices between retailers and manufacturers, many businesses choose to contact the factory and therefore, save their money.

2. Offer custom designs

Rather than accepting for the closest match in a series of assembly items, your business can receive precisely the items you need. Regarding our process, Q-Furniture clients will consult with our experts about their desired concept of the product, including the material mixed with concrete, color, and shape. 

We also offer outsourcing services for furniture brands. Problems usually occur when companies have built a prestigious reputation and outgrown their brand recognition. They would receive an extremely large number of orders from clients in a short period of time, and their personnel and production process may unable to satisfy such demand. When such time comes, Q-Furniture is the reliable partner they can put their trust on.

Concrete Planters For Sale – Q-Furniture Product

These attractive modern planters feature a realistic concrete texture. In terms of color, Q-Furniture producers improve the planter’s appearance with the numerous gray tones that occur throughout. Our concrete planters had to meet international requirements by going through 2 stages: frost resistance and temperature shock tests. As a result, it has been approved by SGS – the world’s largest testing, inspection, and certification firm.

The planters are not as weighty as they appear because we use pure lightweight concrete to make them as light as possible. In addition, through sophisticated technology, we ensure the containers are easy to clean.

concrete planters for sale benefits of direct purchases from factories

Test Method/Requirements

  • Frost resistance: No color changer, deformation or should be observed after the sample is subjected to – 29°C in 72 hours after dipping the sample in water in 12 hours.
  • Temperature shock: Dipping sample in water for 12h:

Step A: -20°C for 12 hours.

Step B: Place to room temperature for the next 12 hours.

Step C: Repeat steps A and B for 5 cycles.



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