Today’s Concrete Overlays are Durable and Good Looking

August 17, 20220

A baker can sense it when there is a cooking calamity. A small bit of frosting, though, might sometimes go a long way toward atonement. Concrete contractors have a comparable choice when faced with an unattractive slab and an overlay: the overlayed area not only looks better, but the chemistry of today’s concrete overlays frequently produces a considerably more durable surface than what was already there. Similar to Q-Furniture, concrete items feature a coating that both beautifies and better preserves the product’s surface.

More in Concrete Overlays & Toppings

Concrete overlays and toppings are excellent ways to improve the appearance of your concrete floor, and they both provide distinct advantages for your flooring project. Overlays will assist you in determining which is best for your project and what it will do to improve your product.

More in Concrete Overlays & Toppings

Concrete items will add a topping layer to your existing concrete slab to give it a nice, smooth finish. It will also ensure that your concrete has a longer and more durable lifespan. Overlays are typically used when the concrete is in good condition with only minor flaws or when the concrete has been cracked by seepage water from an underground pipe.

Products for an imperfect world

In an ideal world, every client would adore every job, and the lifespan of every installation would be measured in decades. The truth is quite different.

Overlays are used for a variety of reasons, according to Scott Kummer of Los Angeles-based Green Chemistry Innovations (GCI). One is, of course, for damaged concrete.

The other reason, according to Kummer, is in commercial and industrial applications where more is expected of a floor than when it was originally installed, such as the elimination of seams, cracks, and crevices.

Durability wins

The concept of overlays in general is not novel. The durability of today’s products is what distinguishes them. Imagine pulling up on concrete until it fractures; that’s how strong our resurfaced is.

Durability wins

Similarly, Q-furniture is a Vietnam-based industrial manufacturer and direct exporter with 11 years of experience in concrete furniture. Concrete furniture does not scratch or chip as easily as wood, glass, or stainless-steel furniture, and chipping it requires a heavy object striking the edge. The ability of concrete furniture to withstand impact, stains, and outdoor elements varies, so it’s critical to select pieces with a strong, durable composition and an effective sealant or coating. Due to the strength of concrete furniture, a concrete coffee table, such as the rectangular and square concrete coffee tables available, can easily double as a concrete bench, providing much-needed extra seating when entertaining.

A solution for every need

However, the end result of resurfacing can be almost anything a contractor desires. This is true whether you’re cleaning up the mess left by last winter’s freeze-thaw conditions or dealing with an unsatisfactory color application. It may also be true if the task is more complex, such as a new stamping job.

There are numerous applications, ranging from tape-down applications and smooth topcoats to color updating. The most basic application is to use it as a spray or roll-on on a textured surface to return the color to gray or white while retaining the texture.

It can also be used to change, clean up, or add life to veneers or ready-mix concrete surfaces.

Waterproofing options

Concrete is porous and, if not waterproofed, absorbs water, waterborne contaminants, and chemicals that can cause deterioration. Waterproofing is critical if you want to protect your concrete and ensure it has a long, serviceable life.

A thicker concrete overlay is one option for clients who want to change the look of an existing concrete base.

Waterproofing options

If you want to carve or stamp, choose a stamped overlay, such as Q- Furniture’s concrete furniture.

Correction benefits

But that’s not the only look in which an overlay can be useful. We can smooth out shot-blasting cornrows and cover other flaws in concrete furniture.

Furthermore, use self-leveling cementitious products to create a floor that is as durable as terrazzo but lacks the busy aggregate look that is unsuitable for today’s interior designs.

Because the product self-levels, you won’t have to trowel it on your hands and knees. We can cover a large area in half the time it takes them to do terrazzo. And, while we can add aggregates, we’d rather give the contractor or installer some artistic license.

Plenty of pluses

Choosing the right concrete overlay allows a contractor to do an amazing number of things. There are, however, other factors to consider. There are two considerations: ease of use and cost.

Plenty of pluses

For example, Kingdom’s Sacco observes that sometimes a job setting makes it difficult for a contractor to perform a replacement job. This is especially true in large cities, where dumping refuse can be expensive and difficult due to the job’s location.

However, that is only a portion of the cost savings that overlays provide.

Increase your bottom line

“Not only will tearing out old concrete, bringing in a ready-mix truck, and pouring a new surface take days. Furthermore, the cost is significantly higher than using a resurfacer,” says Quikrete’s Owens.

It’s also a quick fix, according to Owens, who emphasizes the importance of a structurally sound slab beneath the overlay.

It can be manipulated, moved, changed, or carved. In contrast to standard concrete, you can do whatever you want with it. If you make a mistake, you have time to fix it. Still, because it is made of the same materials as concrete, it generally reacts the same way.

Because of the steep learning curve, many contractors are hesitant to begin using overlays. There’s nothing to be afraid of if they make sure they’re working on a stable slab, take the time to do surface prep, and start small.

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