Concrete Outdoor Dining Table And Impacts From Environmental Factors

February 26, 20220

Q-Furniture will list some issues that you need to be aware of when purchasing items for your patio space, then suggest must-have items: concrete outdoor dining table with different shapes such as the round concrete dining table or the rectangular one. Concrete furniture in general is the final choice for both your interior and outdoor spaces.

The idea of styling your garden with furniture is attempting. This is because we have reasons to escape our usual 4 wall room. Garden decorating makes outdoor spaces more inviting and visually beautiful, urging people to spend more time outside and breathe in the fresh air. However, it is not easy to pick up the right pieces of furniture. They not only have to match with the desirable concept but also be suitable with the outside space and can withstand certain types of climate.

concrete outdoor dining table and impacts from environmental factors

External Influences

Sun exposure and UV radiation

How can lights from the sun damage your furnishing? There are various outcomes but let’s talk about the first one: color fading. Many materials such as wood can fade and lose their elegance over time as a result of constant exposure to UV radiation. You may fix this problem by covering your outdoor table set or putting them under an awning or umbrella.

The heat absorption of the furniture material is the next problem. You may don’t want to ruin your mood by burning your skin while sitting on a couch or a lounge. But it’s not really a big deal when it comes to cracking. When exposed to severe temperatures or abrupt variations, they can fracture, split, bend, distort, or become brittle.

Humidity and rainfall – Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

Excessive heat and a high level of humidity combination can promote the growth of mold and rot, especially in wood. As a result, this leads to black stains on your furniture. While you can easily wipe off the mold, rot can cause degradation of the materials and damage the furniture. So let’s just keep in mind that you should seek outdoor items with water-resistant features.

Regarding metal, the corrosion phenomenon in such material is not rare and we may say humidity is the most damaging to metal furniture. In fact, if Fe particles come in contact with oxygen and moisture, rusting would appear in uncovered metals.

A Concrete Outdoor Dining Table Will Not Disappoint You

concrete outdoor dining table and impacts from environmental factors

This product line is large, robust, and ideal for a dinner date. Featuring a trendy concrete top with distinctive rawness, the Q-Furniture cemented table will bring to decor enthusiasts the taste of industrial aesthetic. One outstanding characteristic of this round table is that it inherited the superior nature of concrete. Which are durability, weather resistance, and water resistance. The concrete-based items literally can last for thousands of years. As they can survive mostly from any type of extreme climate and weather such as storms or downpours. And even if the UV radiation creates stains on the table surface, the flaws and imperfect look only make the concrete table more visually appealing.


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