Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Where To Get The Best Concrete Planters?

March 10, 20220

Today, with the rapid development, Vietnam’s economy has created a premise for businesses to reach out and never stop innovating. Therefore, the furniture brands from old to emerging are constantly developing to bring the beauty of space to Vietnamese homes. Below Concrete Furniture Vietnam would like to introduce you Top 6 famous furniture brands from Vietnam. You can refer to it to choose the right furniture for your home space and find out where to buy concrete planters.

Where To Buy Concrete Planters? – Top 6 Furniture Brands From Vietnam

Concrete Furniture Vietnam – Q-Furniture

concrete furniture vietnam where to buy concrete planters

Q-furniture is a Vietnam-based industrial manufacturer and direct exporter with 11 years of experience in concrete furniture. Since 2010, the corporation has been known for its low price, yet created the most remarkable products.

Q-Furniture has been serving the toughest markets of the world in concrete furniture. Our company has approved trust with customers in 4 key markets: USA, England, Australia, and the Netherlands.

This Vietnam furniture factories brand specializes in providing concrete furniture with eye-catching designs, diverse designs, and especially excellent quality such as concrete top dining table Australia, round coffee table sets, concrete bench, etc.



ChiLai Company is a brand specializing in providing furniture for houses and offices.

The main products that the company provides are sofas, curtains and outdoor furniture.

ChiLai’s showroom is located in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, and Hue.

ChiLai’s goods are imported from China and domestic goods in Vietnam.

Pho Xinh

Pho Xinh brand specializes in providing Neoclassical and modern furniture products such as sofa tables, TV cabinets, dining tables.

Currently, Pho Xinh owns distribution channels in the form of a supermarket system with addresses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Nha Xinh – Where To Buy Concrete Planters?

concrete furniture vietnam where to buy concrete planters

Referring to Nha Xinh brand, people immediately think of products with bold Asian style. Nha Xinh specializes in providing furniture such as dining tables, chairs, wardrobes, sofas…

Currently, Nha Xinh’s showrooms are present in beautiful locations in 2 big cities, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

PVD Decor


If you want to find yourself a unit for luxury and high-class interior design or you want to recreate the space to become modern, classy, and trendy, PVD Decor is the unit that will help you do that. . PVD Decor is one of the most prestigious and quality furniture brands in Vietnam.

PVD Decor always takes the motto of Prestige – Quality – Transparency to serve customers, bringing customers unique and beautiful products with the best quality. With the desire to bring perfect beauty, modern house space.

PVD Decor has been constantly creating and innovating to produce high-class products such as gold-plated stainless steel tea table, gold-plated stainless steel console table, gold-plated stainless steel dining table, CNC wall, Side table, decorative shelf…

Erado Furniture – Where To Buy Concrete Planters?

Erado is one of the leading furniture companies in Vietnam with the predecessor of the rOsano brand (belonging to rOsano Vietnam Joint Stock Company), Erado Furniture is a unit trusted by many Vietnamese.

Erado showroom provides products with the latest trending designs on the current interior market with sophisticated and modern designs such as sofa tables, dining tables, decorative carpets, gilded sanitary ware, and lamps. Decorations and decorative accessories…

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