Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Trends in Interior Design

March 4, 20220

Currently using concrete floors instead of stone floors, tile floors are very popular. Accompanying the trend of using concrete floors for houses, villas and resorts is the use of concrete furniture. Using polished concrete floors, concrete walls, grinding stone walls, lavabo, washbasins, concrete bathtubs… bring a new and unique design to your home. Concrete Furniture Vietnam –  confidently brings you the best quality products from concrete.

Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Trends in Interior Design

There are few materials as strong as concrete. Concrete is the most used man-made material in the world. It is used more often than wood, steel and other building materials. Concrete materials are everywhere. It’s cheap and versatile.

No wonder most projects make good use of it. In residential projects, concrete design is often not used much – with the exception of basements or garages. However, homeowners are starting to embrace the raw beauty of concrete walls in various applications.

Use concrete floor


There was a time when concrete floors were well hidden under carpets, wooden floors and tiles when we thought it wouldn’t be suitable for modern homes. But in fact it is very trendy in modern interior design, even very beautiful and unique.

Q-Furniture has learned to embrace the raw and pure beauty of concrete furniture and combine them with comfortable furniture, textured carpets or wooden elements to bring warmth to the home.

Even without the warmth of wood, a living space with polished concrete floors looks comfortable and cool. Using more concrete ceilings also has a similar effect in decoration.

If you don’t like the rough look of concrete, you can opt for polished concrete or concrete floors that can also be tinted to give them beautiful veins, veining effects as well as bright colors.

Using concrete wall furniture


Although concrete walls are often a bit rough and come with characteristic holes, they can easily be transformed to be elegant and classy in any interior style. You can achieve the best effect if you combine concrete walls and minimalist interior design. Glass is also a suitable material you should think about. This perfect combination will create charm for the house. Your interior design will be lovely, warm, attractive, and everyone will love it. If you are looking for a change in your interior design then this is a great idea.

Concrete walls look especially beautiful in the hallway. Lighting often accentuates their textures and creates interesting effects.

Decorative concrete walls can look rather cold. However, there are some interior design techniques, combining them with other interior materials to help the house look warmer.

Ideas to use decorative concrete lights


Believe it or not, you will use decorative concrete lights!. You can make everything out of concrete and it’s actually pretty easy. This is a material that allows you to shape it the way you want without too much effort.

The current trend of the home decoration is to use energy-saving LED bulbs, but for spaces with concrete ceilings, concrete decorative lights are asynchronous and reasonable solution that brings a lot of space. Modern, luxurious space.

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