Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Beautiful Terrace Decoration Trends

February 22, 20220

Turning the terrace into a beautiful living space is what every homeowner wants. However, that is not an easy thing. We will help you immediately update the beautiful and unique terrace decoration trends from concrete furniture Vietnam.

Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Beautiful Terrace Decoration Trends

Decorate the terrace with BBQ table


Designing BBQ tables on the terrace is being loved by many people. This is a hot trend among young people today. When eating is no longer just filling the void in the stomach, it becomes a part of the fun, connecting relationships effectively.

Because this decoration will make the terrace look like a picnic, the dining area, sitting position, and sitting direction must all be carefully considered and calculated. Only in this way can people enjoy the surrounding landscape as well as the fresh air of nature.

You can customize it to your liking. If you love simplicity, you can decorate with tables and chairs and enough lights to create intimacy for the party. If you like the surface, choose a luxurious style like at outdoor restaurants.

In addition, do not ignore the designs from concrete design such as concrete tables, trees, flower pots. The most suitable decorative items to help the space more beautiful, the air more fresh.

Turn the terrace into a hallway with flowers or artificial grass


Narrow townhouses are no longer strange in today’s society in the face of tight land and crowded people. Therefore, the terrace is also quite cramped. With this type, you should not cram too many decorative items or large ornamental plants. Because they make the house more cramped, cramped, more secret.

Instead, use the hallway with colorful flowers. They help to make the living space airier and create an attraction and impression for all guests who visit the house.

Another suggestion for you is to use artificial grass to decorate your terrace area. Your space will become greener with no maintenance. Combining a little more paving stone to create a path is enough to create a unique highlight for the architecture.

Decoration simulates natural scenery with land – water – trees


In recent times, many people want to bring elements of nature into their living space. This terrace decoration idea will become more and more popular in 2022. The harmonious combination of land, water, trees, living creatures not only shows high creativity but also creates a fresh living environment. and healthy.

Each homeowner will have a different layout and design. If the homeowner likes to keep fish, he will often design a garden with a small aquarium, surrounded by trees. There are homeowners who love birds, creating an open space with beautiful birds in the garden.

Decorate the terrace into a theater, roof cinema

This is a unique, beautiful, impressive, and unique decoration. From a dry terrace turned into an outdoor cinema for the family to gather together to watch their favorite movies. No matter how romantic they are, family affection is sure to increase a lot.

Buy an outdoor screen. Incorporating decoration with soft cushions on the terrace. In addition, to create accents, arrange a few lanterns or string lights around the edges to help ensure safety when people move.

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