Concrete Furniture Vietnam – Things To Know When Buying Concrete Planters

March 14, 20220

Desktop concrete planters not only make your workspace more clean, beautiful and less boring, but sometimes it also helps you to “develop fortune and prosper” if it suits feng shui. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing and buying concrete planters for the table? Let’s take note of these few tips to buy concrete planters with Concrete Furniture Vietnam!

Choose what to buy concrete planters, where, and at what price?

The first issue that you need to think about when deciding on a potted plant is what to choose and where to buy it.

To choose the right tree, you need to find out the meaning of each tree because each type of tree will have its own meaning. In addition, you also need to understand what the purpose of your choice is. If you just want to beautify your desk or window space, prioritize colorful flower pots. If you want to clean up the space, choose green plants.

Some types of desktop plants have a very good effect of cleaning the air such as ornamental palm, ornamental palm, or magnolia… Besides, if you are interested in feng shui, choose a potted plant with feng shui meaning. suit yourself.

Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Notes When Buying Concrete Planters

As for where to buy trees, you have a lot of options. However, not every seller will provide you with good and long-lived plants. After considering, you can buy plants at flower markets and ask for guidance from sellers. You can also buy it on online bonsai stores, but remember to check the reviews first or go to the place to see the tree you want to buy. Best to ask for a solid warranty.

The cost of potted plants is also an issue you need to consider: There are many types of plants with different prices, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or millions of dong. Please balance costs to have appropriate options. But don’t worry, check out the products from Q-Furniture. We always provide diverse and quality models for you such as concrete bench, concrete outdoor table and concrete planters.

Is your tree of choice a light-loving or a dark-loving plant?

Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Notes When Buying Concrete Planters

Find out if your pot likes light or dark. If it is a light-loving plant, you should not put it in a dark corner, you should choose the most suitable place in the office to put the tree and estimate how much light that corner will receive during the day. If possible, place the plant near a window, where it receives lots of light and often.

If your office space cannot have enough light for light-loving plants, choose shade-loving plants so they can survive. Even in corners far from windows or rooms without sunlight, they can still grow. There are even plants that still grow well even with only fluorescent lights.

Consider feng shui when choosing a tree location

Concrete Furniture Vietnam: Notes When You Buy Concrete Planters

In addition to choosing the right tree location to provide enough light for the tree, many people are also very interested in the feng shui meaning. Find out if you suit the tree placed on the left or right, in the southeast or northwest direction.

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