Concrete Furniture Trends – Why Is It So Popular?

August 10, 20220

When most people hear the phrase “concrete furniture trends,” they envision extremely heavy, ugly pieces of furniture fit for parks and bus stops. However, most people are beginning to realize that modern concrete furniture can be just as elegant, nearly as light, and far more durable than other types of furniture. Many people are unaware that concrete is used not only in the construction and repair of buildings and structures. But also in the manufacturing of furniture. This material’s popularity grows year after year. This is due to the fact that concrete furniture is both affordable and practical. There are currently many businesses on the market that deals in concrete products, typically Q-Furniture. There, People are spoiled for choice with decorative concrete products or current concrete furniture that they love and use to decorate their living space.

Concrete Furniture Is Trending

Concrete has been used in architectural design since the time of the Ancient Romans. And, in recent years, the concrete trend (also known as the cement trend) has become a major interior décor and investment craze.

Concrete outdoor and indoor furniture can now be found in the homes of countless celebrities and style icons. Concrete tables, planters, fireplaces, and other accessories are prominently featured in lifestyle magazines and social media posts, making it difficult to ignore this new and growing trend.

And as more people realize how concrete furniture and accessories can create and enhance any look – contemporary, industrial, country, rustic, and coastal – and give any indoor or outdoor space enduring style. While also catering to the demands of busy lives, this trend will only grow.

Concrete furniture and accessories can update a traditional aesthetic, enhance a contemporary interior or exterior design scheme, or add an urban, industrial feel to any room.

Optimal Form And Function

Concrete furniture adds both style and function to any home, hospitality, or commercial space, with its inherent strength and beautiful natural hues, tactile smooth finish, clean lines, and elegant curves. A concrete decoration side table, concrete candle holders, or concrete planter pots to make an eye-catching statement or create a focal point. The combination of simple yet sophisticated design and commanding presence makes us love concrete furniture even more.

Optimal Form And Function

Not All Concrete Furniture Is Made Equal

Despite the fact that all concrete furniture is made of cement, the type of cement and sealant used on the finished product determines its weight, durability, and environmental impact. Green cement has the same strength as the most commonly used Portland cement. But it produces concrete furniture that is much more eco-friendly and lightweight.

Lightweight concrete furniture is more practical because it is easier to move and reposition. Q-concrete Furniture’s furniture is made to be more durable and environmentally friendly than regular concrete, both in terms of raw materials and manufacturing process. Each piece is also coated in a special sealant that increases its resistance to everyday use and outdoor environments.

Top 7 Reasons People Prefer Concrete Furniture Trends

Similar to the fashion industry, the interior design and home goods sectors also experience seasonal trends and business prospects. This year’s trend has taken a big step to use concrete once again in all facets of home design. Whereas prior trends have included flashes of color and experimenting with different types of wood and stones. The advantages of concrete furniture are numerous as well. Here are some of the reasons why people like concrete furniture:

1. Durable and hard-wearing

Concrete furniture does not scratch or chip as easily as wood, glass, or stainless-steel furniture, and a heavy object striking the edge is required to chip it. Concrete furniture’s ability to withstand impact, stains, and outdoor elements varies, which is why it’s critical to choose pieces with a strong, durable composition and an effective sealant or coating. Because concrete furniture can withstand heavy loads, a concrete coffee table, such as the rectangular and square concrete coffee tables available, can easily double as a bench, providing much-needed extra seating when entertaining.

Durable and hard-wearing

2. Versatility

Concrete works incredibly well outdoors, especially on covered or exposed patios, terraces, courtyards, or in your backyard. But the beauty of this material is that it’s also superb when used inside. We’ve created concrete furniture, stools, and basins that are equally at home in an alfresco or interior environment. They’re designed to create an attractive, seamless flow between different spaces and enhance the look and liveability of any home. Concrete provides amazing flexibility.

However, it’s important to note that not all concrete furniture is made equal, as some have surfaces that are more weather resistant than others. All concrete products are coated in a special sealant that makes them highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, and extremes in cold and heat. Including frost, snow, and ice, which prevents them from staining, warping, cracking, expanding, and fading. And they won’t blow over in a strong wind. They also don’t have any seams that can harbor moisture and lead to mold, dirt, and grime. That can affect the look and feel of each piece. Concrete looks fantastic outside, particularly on covered or exposed patios, terraces, courtyards, or in your backyard.

Concrete Furniture Trends - Why Is It So Popular? 50

The beauty of this material is that it is also excellent when used inside. We designed concrete furniture, stools, and basins that are equally at home in an outdoor or indoor setting. They are intended to create an appealing, seamless flow between different spaces and to improve the appearance and liveability of any home. Concrete is extremely adaptable. However, it is important to note that not all concrete furniture is created equal, as some have more weather-resistant surfaces than others. All concrete products are coated with a special sealant that makes them highly resistant to moisture, and cold and heat extremes such as frost, snow, and ice.

3. Design Freedom

Concrete furniture trends, with their uniform smooth finish, natural hues, and clean lines, look good on their own. And when paired with any style of furnishings create the desired look. And its earthy natural hues complement timbers, stone, tiles, and man-made composites, such as terrazzo-style concrete floors, to create an inviting, cohesive space.

Interior designers are using concrete furniture and accessories to create a variety of looks, including:

  • Modern minimalist looks with simple styling and a variety of colors.
  • Industrial style by incorporating metal accents such as steel chairs and rough and unfinished wood.
  • Concrete with dark woods, terracotta, and indoor plants; country or rustic style with raw timber, check and/or floral fabric cushions, and vases filled with garden flowers. These create lovely spaces.

Design Freedom

Timber complements concrete furniture perfectly. For example, you can create a beautifully harmonious look by pairing a concrete coffee table or concrete outdoor fireplace with a Q-Furniture armchair. According to Stephane, adding concrete furniture trends can also help to break up the “wood on wood look”. That can result from having timber floors and timber furniture.

4. Eco-friendly

Concrete furniture’s inherent qualities of strength and durability make it long-lasting and thus an eco-friendly choice. Because it does not need to be replaced every few years.
However, not all concrete furniture is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. These collections are made from bespoke eco-friendly green concrete, which is made from natural recycled materials and does not emit carbon during the manufacturing process.

5. Easy to maintain

Most concrete furniture can be kept clean by simply wiping it down with mild soap and water. Choose brands with no cracks or seams that collect dust and grime for concrete furniture that is super easy to clean. Most concrete furniture can be cleaned by simply wiping it down with mild soap and water. For easy-to-clean concrete furniture, look for brands with no cracks or seams. That collect dust and grime, such as Q-Furniture, which offers a wide range of concrete products.

6. A smart investment

Modern concrete outdoor furniture is long-lasting, maintains its good looks, and rarely needs to be repaired, making it a cost-effective investment. All of Q-concrete Furniture’s products are exceptionally hardwearing and have a durable surface that does not flake, peel or crack. And can withstand extreme weather conditions and UV exposure, which means they will look good for years to come.

A smart investment

Designer furniture made of concrete is inexpensive and widely available

Although it can be found in the homes and offices of the wealthy and famous. Concrete furniture is less expensive than many other designer pieces and is becoming more widely available. A single concrete table, concrete planter, or concrete stool from Q-Furniture adds designer style to any indoor or outdoor space.

Why Q-Furniture Concrete Stands Out Above The Rest

All Q-Furniture concrete coffee tables, stools, and planters for the outdoors are finished with a protective gloss, making them easy to clean and resistant to scratches over time. Because the product is made of concrete, it can withstand weather like hot sun or showers.

Why Q-Furniture Concrete Stands Out Above The Rest

Q-Furniture created OEM and ODM services to ensure the quality of our products. Although the main material is concrete. It is not too heavy and easy to move compared to the commonly used Portland concrete. These qualities make every piece of Q-Furniture’s concrete outdoor furniture exceptionally practical and functional—and built to last. Contact us via LinkedIn to discuss and view more products.

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