What Happens When The Combination Of Concrete And Wood

August 26, 20220

Combination Of Concrete And Wood – Design Of Victory

The combination of concrete and wood will always be a trend pursued by many designers in interior design. The combination of concrete and wood is always suitable for any display space in your home space. By the solidity of concrete and the classic minimalism of wood. Let’s take a look at the outstanding design styles of the perfect combination with Q-Furniture.

Design with An Edge.

This house is impressive because it is built with rigid blocks that are stacked and connected with each other. Thanks to the unique window placement, the combination of modern materials and colors, it looks expensive, confident, and attractive. It has an unmatched design edge because of the use of vertical and horizontal lines in the wood paneling and entryway. Q-Furniture believes that this combination will create your home with many different angles, activate the visuals, and open up new styles for the house.

Design with An Edge.

Home Entertainment.

The house with a combination of concrete and wood will become a gathering point for everyone’s entertainment on the weekend. Imagine how your terrace will become shimmering with the combination of lights and wooden roofs. This continuity will create a really cozy space, ensuring all fun activities even rain or shine. If you want to be even more amazing, let Q-furniture install elegant wood furniture to decorate your home style impressively and is eye-catching.

It has a similar carport as well as a composting container for organic waste and garden trimmings that is built from the same wood as the exterior of the house. So, in addition to looking luxurious, this home is also environmentally friendly and makes recycling simple. A house of true wonder.

Home Entertainment.

Expensive Looking And Eco-Friendly.

In addition to having a combination of concrete and wood, the external wood was also used to construct a composting container for organic waste and garden trimmings on the opposite side of the house. Because of eco-friendliness and ease of recycling, this home not only looks expensive. An absolutely amazing home.

With many years of experience, the Q-Furniture staff creates wooden accent blocks that will make the whole house have a certain softness. With wood color games creating a sense of discovery and dynamism, every element and detail of the house is outstanding and impressive.

Complementing outdoor concrete furniture with pieces of wood of the same color will create various materials for the house space.


Bulky Shapes And Bold Design.

Here, the dramatic outside architectural shapes are also present, giving the space a distinctive and lively appearance. Instead of floating, this staircase is enclosed in a huge diagonal pillar that runs along one side of the space. This home is confident and bold in every detail.

Create a relaxing space in your home with a combination of concrete and wood furniture, such as a textured milky white table and wooden chairs. Looks impressive and new, doesn’t it?

Bulky Shapes And Bold Design

Modern Lines And Modern Comfort.

Once again, the interior displays the ballet of shapes in action; the low ceilings produce a massive shape that is broken up by the dramatic staircase and rimmed with floor-to-ceiling windows on one side. The room’s proportions are softened by a combination of concrete and wood, the sweeping curve on one side, while the drama we saw on the front is added by the vertical lines close to the stairs.

A fireplace has been incorporated into the corner pillar to complete the home’s overall theme of understated grandeur.

Modern Lines And Modern Comfort

An Unbeatable Bathroom.

Dramatic designs, contemporary materials, and attractive contrasts are the rule rather than the exception in this gorgeous bathroom as they are throughout the entire home. This bathroom and home are unmatched due to their sleek design and beautiful finish. We are awestruck!

Check out this dream home to view another impressive family home in a more classic design.

An Unbeatable Bathroom.

Although concrete and wood are materials used in every construction process because of their wide resistance and durability, they need upkeep and care when used as interior finishes. Check out Q-Furniture’s Pinterest site to discover more homes with a combination of concrete and wood.

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