Coffee Shop Designs With Round Concrete Coffee Table

February 15, 20220

Today, coffee is not only a place to serve customers delicious cups of coffee, but above all, it is also a favorite destination for many people to experience the unique and interesting space here. With a beautiful small coffee design or a large-scale shop, it not only speaks to the eye-catching interior architectural lines. It also shows the style and personality of the owner and also shows the business point of view of the owner. Here are a few coffee shop designs combined with round concrete coffee table that you should refer to

Coffee Shop Designs With Round Concrete Coffee Table



This is the design chosen by many shop owners to decorate the coffee shop. Modern style towards simplicity in color and layout of space and interior. One will find in Modern clean, straight-line architecture using modern materials such as metal, steel and glass.

In addition, this style can be combined with a round concrete coffee table if the shop has an outdoor campus or a concrete console table placed close to the window and decorated with concrete planters as a highlight.

Moreover, if the customers who want to target are office workers, young people, students or tourists, Modern coffee will be very suitable.



Bringing the style of memory and time stamp, mix and break to create a unique harmonious space. Interior design in vintage style is luxurious without being extravagant, stylish but not flashy, gentle, simple, and fancy. Nowadays many coffee shop owners have adopted this style.

Modern vintage cafes using second-hand materials combined with modern styles are popular with young people. Because the nostalgia and the modern spirit are mixed and broken in many ways. Vintage designs are rarely out of fashion, so there is no need to decorate and refresh after a long time going into use.



Depending on the customer you want to target, for a coffee shop that specializes in serving young customers who love vibrant youthful colors. With simple materials and fancy textures, you should choose Bohemia, not any other style.

Bohemia is suitable for customers who like new and innovative things. Many people thought that when the above factors combined, it would create a mixed mess. But no, the magic of the main Bohemian architecture can harmonize the separate elements of materials, textures, colors, and textures. All create a spacious and comfortable coffee interior space.



Inspired by the rustic, harmony and beauty of natural materials. Rustic style brings a quiet space for people to feel time as stopping to live slowly and live more deeply.

This style often uses raw materials such as wood or stone that have not been processed, crafted, or have little ornate. Rustic is not only applied in the interior of houses, but also popularly used in the decoration of restaurants, bars, cafes, and spas.

Keeping the bustling city and having a peaceful place makes people “slowly live – Love more”, that is the difference so that you do not hesitate to choose a rustic coffee design.

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