Bonsai Suggestions For Concrete Dining Table Melbourne Bring Luck

April 13, 20220

Today, a lot of office workers and customers are interested in using desk plants to decorate desks in offices and homes. Their purpose is to create fresh air after a period of intense work. Here are the top suggestions for popular concrete dining table melbourne from Q-Furniture to bring luck and fortune to everyone!

Tree for concrete dining table melbourne suitable for par Kim

Honeysuckle Tree

Bonsai Suggestions For Concrete Dining Table Melbourne Bring Luck

Ngoc Ngan leaves are oval, soft, green with white spots. Ngoc Ngan tree when used as a desk plant helps to regulate the air, creating a more comfortable and refreshing feeling.

According to feng shui, the jade tree brings money and fortune to those who own it. Silver jade is suitable for most zodiac signs, especially Kim par. Ngoc Ngan tree is very suitable for the table because you do not need to water and fertilize the tree regularly. It only takes 1-2 weeks to water once.

Spider Plant – concrete pots for sale

Belonging to the herbaceous family, Spider Plants have short stems and are covered with many layers of overlapping leaves. The leaves are light green, soft, long, radiating around, the edge of the leaf has a white border. Although the leaves are thin, they are quite hard and crispy.

Spider Plants are favored by office workers because of their ability to filter harmful air quite well. Plants can remove environmental pollutants such as formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, benzene, and xylene.

Golden Bamboo Tree

The leaves of Japanese bamboo are soft, round, long, thin like bamboo leaves, with many yellow spots. The petals are gathered at the top of pure white, helping to bring a sense of peace and relaxation when placed on the table.

According to feng shui, the word “bamboo” is pronounced similar to the word “chuck” with the meaning of wishing all good things to the owner. In addition, it also has the effect of warding off evil buying, meeting evil and turning into good. You can use this desk plant for your roommates.

Bonsai for concrete table par Moc

Money Tree

The Kim Tien tree has a succulent stem, thick cylindrical at the root, tapering towards the top. The leaves are green, short, with compound leaves that look very special.

According to feng shui, the strong and sturdy body of the tree represents strength and resilience. The name Kim Tien means to bring money and fortune to the owner.

In particular, the money tree also has an air filter function that few people know. Plants can remove 0.01 tissue/m2 volatile organic compounds such as benzene, tolene, xylene per day.

Tree of Life – concrete garden furniture for sale

Bonsai Suggestions For Concrete Dining Table Melbourne Bring Luck

Longevity is a plant with rapid reproduction, they have the ability to purify the air, absorb toxic gases and bad effects from electronic radiation extremely effectively. How to take care of the plant is extremely simple, just need to water once a month to help the plant grow well. This is suitable as a small potted plant in a small corner of the table to help bring money, luck and health to the office.

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