How To Import Furniture Into The United Stated By Specialist

September 17, 2022

The United States (USA) is Vietnam’s largest export market for wood products. According to statistics, in addition to the US being the largest consumer of Vietnamese wood products, Import furniture to the US is growing. Because of this development, the article below will show you how to Import furniture to the United States according to experts.

Rules and Regulations For Importing Wood Furniture

Rules and Regulations For Importing Wood Furniture

Up to now, Vietnam still has a lot of potential in exploiting and developing the wood export market to the US. But many businesses still wonder about the procedure and process of exporting wood products from Vietnam to the US. To be able to import furniture from Vietnam through EU countries in general and the US in particular, you need to be knowledgeable about the rules and regulations in importing and exporting furniture. Below are some of the regulations that Q-Furniture has learned. Follow us to analyze these import furniture regulations.

Obtaining an Import Permit

In terms of policy, furniture of all kinds is not on the list of goods banned from import or requires an import permit. Nor do you have to do any other specialized testing. As such, the furniture import policy is common.

File Required Import Documents

Contract (Sales Contact), Bill of Lading (Bill of Lading), Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice), Detailed List of Goods (Packing List), Goods Catalog, Certificate of Origin (CO – Certificate of Origin) ): can follow form D, E, AK… to enjoy preferential import tax.

In addition, there are several other documents such as certificate of quality (CQ), certificate of analysis (CA), insurance …

The set of customs documents includes:

  • Import declaration (if the raw material your company uses for production is imported wood)
  • Input invoice if buying raw materials from the factory.
  • List of forest products
  • Export declarations
  • Invoice, Packing list
  • Bill of Lading
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • Fumigation

Determining Import Duty For Wood Furniture

For goods under HS code 9403 when imported, they will have to pay import tax and value-added tax. The specific tax rates are as follows:

  • Value added tax (VAT) is 10%
  • The preferential import tax rate is 25%

However, if goods are imported from countries that have signed a Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam, if they meet the conditions, they can receive preferential import tax.

4 Popular Countries United States Import Furniture From

With the Trend of Elegant Wooden Furniture in 2022, the United States increasingly has a need to import furniture in large volumes from many different countries. Specifically, China, Vietnam, Mexico, and India must be mentioned. There is always a high volume of furniture imported to the US.

Importing Furniture From China

Importing Furniture From China

Currently, China is leading the army among the leading importing countries of the United States. This drastic change in China is also not comparable to the 2019 milestone that the country achieved with $ 9,713 billion of total products imported into the United States, led by upholstered furniture products.

The ongoing pandemic could also be the catalyst for China’s return to the top. Importing furnitures manufactured in China can be a complicated process with multiple stages, and mistakes are easy to make. Newcomers to the market can benefit from the help of a sourcing agent or buying office to avoid common mistakes.

Based on extensive experience, the article provides insight into some of the common mistakes, including:

  • Not adhering to regulations and compliance rules for importing furniture
  • Inadequate quality testing
  • The absence of on-ground personnel to monitor operations
  • Incomplete mandatory documentation, disorganized and confusing shipping arrangements
  • Trying to save costs by handling everything alone
  • Facing difficulties with communication that result in confusing negotiations with suppliers

The article emphasizes that once familiar with the process, it becomes more comfortable, but new entrants to the market should seek assistance to avoid making costly mistakes.

Importing Furniture From Vietnam

Vietnam is the second largest wood furniture supplier to the US. In the US, the trend of choosing an alternative supply market to the Chinese market is increasing in the bedroom furniture market segment, so many US importers are shifting their supply from China to other markets. such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Importing Furniture From Vietnam

In particular, the products of custom beds and box beds are growing strongly in the US. Therefore, Vietnam’s furniture exporters have many opportunities to boost their exports in the near future, the Ministry of Industry and Trade assessed. The US is currently the main import market for Vietnamese bedroom furniture.

Importing Furniture From Mexico

With its advantages, Mexico is attracting the attention of US importers, due to its favorable geographical location, fast delivery times, and minimal disruption to the main supply as well as the diversity of sources. row. A report by Mexican consulting firm Tetakawi published in early 2020 also said that Mexico boasts more than 675 furniture factories, including both domestic and foreign manufacturers, employing more than 52,000 workers.

The main export items include wooden frame chairs, office furniture, bedroom, kitchen, and other wooden furniture.

Importing Furniture From India

The last name in the list of 4 countries with a large number of furniture exports to the US, though its contribution is smaller compared to the leaders mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, this country has established a reputation for supplying high-quality furniture to the American market. Interestingly, India is also making strides in the furniture import scene, developing innovative “smart furniture” solutions to cater to the evolving needs of US consumers.

For those considering furniture import from various countries, including India, the US boasts a robust network of furniture importers. A simple online search for “furniture importers USA” will provide you with a comprehensive list of companies specializing in furniture import, allowing you to connect with the right partner to bring your furniture vision to life.

Benefits of Importing Furniture to the United States

The United States is the world’s largest economy with powerful industry, and modern agriculture, and is the world’s commercial and financial center. Exporting to the US market brings good effects to the Vietnamese economy.

The United States is a potential market with great purchasing power with an annual import turnover of nearly 2,000 billion USD.

This is a multi-ethnic market with diverse needs and usage levels. The difference in income and living standards among Americans is quite large, so consumers use goods of moderate quality and low price, especially immigrants to the US (more than 1 million people per year). million) is also the majority. Meanwhile, the number of designs required is not much, especially for textiles, making domestic enterprises more inclined to make goods for the US rather than for the Japanese and European markets.

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FAQs for Importing and Exporting Furniture

The process of exporting furniture not only faces many problems during the process of completing procedures and must be knowledgeable about export regulations. Sometimes we have so many questions that we don’t know how to answer. A few frequently asked questions during the furniture import and export process include the following.

FAQs for Importing and Exporting Furniture

  • 1. Which mode of transportation should I choose if I want to import furniture into the USA?

Regarding the transportation of wooden furniture products from Vietnam to EU countries, the US is often very far and most of the time, shipping is used by sea.

However, if you need to import furniture from Vietnam to the US in a short time, you can use air shipping.

  • 2. Should I Try to Import Furniture to My Company on My Own?

You can completely import furniture for the company yourself if you are the head or you are entrusted with this task. However, you need to have extensive knowledge of furniture types and materials of each type of furniture to be able to import high-quality items. Or you can consult with experts who are knowledgeable.

  • 3. Can Assembled or Unassembled Furniture Be Imported?

Furniture made of concrete, like the Concrete Table – Side Table – Ceramic White, won’t require assembly upon arrival. However, furniture made from other materials like wood and metal might need assembly. This raises the question: can furniture be imported even if it’s unassembled?

The good news is that furniture, regardless of its assembly state, can be imported into the USA. Regulations for importing wooden furniture, for example, don’t specify whether the furniture needs to be assembled or not. As long as the furniture meets import requirements like proper food quarantine procedures, adheres to relevant standards, and comes with the necessary legal documents, it can be brought into the country.

For those interested in furniture importing, the United States has a large number of furniture importers. A quick online search for “furniture importers USA” will give you access to a list of companies specializing in furniture import.

  • 4. What Types of Furniture Can I Import?

You can import any kind of furniture. Currently, most imported furniture has an easy procedure and you just need to carry out normal import operations.

However, some types of imported furniture need to go through additional inspection steps before being imported. Specifically, for imported furniture, you need to make a plant inspection paper before importing it to Vietnam.

Above is some information about importing furniture to the US market. For more helpful information, contact us on Linkedin.