5 Tops Outdoor Furniture Factories Vietnam

May 20, 20220

You are looking for outdoor furniture and seeking Furniture Factories Vietnam to work with? Here are the Top 5 manufacturers in Vietnam who can help you to get more customers with a wide range of trendy designs.

AnLoc Furniture – Furniture Factory Vietnam

Website: https://outdoorfurniturevn.com

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AnLoc Furniture is a top wicker furniture producer and exporter in Vietnam. With high-quality goods and worldwide styles, it offers complete outdoor solutions. If you love developing a new design in wicker materials, it could customize layouts to your preferences and comfort.

To create high-quality items, AnLoc Furniture employs the most recent advances in lacquering, as well as UV and water-resistant polyethylene. So, wicker furniture collections are perfect for use in the garden, restaurant, hotel, and resort environments.


  • Swing Chair
  • Outdoor Sofa
  • Chaise Lounge
  • Dining Furniture

Triquimex – Furniture Factory Vietnam

Website: http://triquimex.com

Triquimex is an outdoor iron, mosaic, and lightweight concrete furniture manufacturer and direct exporter. Triquimex has a wide selection of mosaic tables and metal chairs for your decorating needs.

Besides, the goal is to be at the cutting edge of technology and development in the furniture industry.  produce high-quality items while reducing costs as much as possible.


  • Iron Sofa
  • Cement Table Top
  • Mosaic Dining Table
  • Iron Garden Stool
  • Iron Outdoor Bench

Q-Furniture – Furniture Factory Vietnam

Website: https://q-furniture.com

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Q-Furniture specializes in producing, trading, and exporting Concrete Furniture Products. Through goods made of concrete and terrazzo, Q-Furniture aspires to create a simple, elegant design.

The company has affirmed trust with customers in 4 key markets: the USA, England, Australia, and the Netherlands. It is in a position to make significant development in terms of invention and creativity, and to establish itself as a leader in the manufacturing, supplying, and exporting of concrete furniture.


  • Custom Table And Chair
  • Concrete Bench
  • Concrete Basin

Thanh Thuy Furniture – Furniture Factory Vietnam

Website: http://www.thanhthuyfurniture.com

Thanh Thuy Furniture was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating and exporting high-quality wooden garden furniture, as well as exploiting, importing, and supplying round logs and sawn timber to the furniture industry.

It has the capacity to create approximately 300 containers every year, ensuring consistent high-quality products, on-time delivery, and ever-improving customer service. Therefore, a wide range of high-quality garden furniture in a variety of styles has been supplied to many European countries and received great responses.


  • Wooden Table And Chair
  • Wooden Lounge

Thinh Phu Furniture – Furniture Factory Vietnam

Website: https://www.thinhphufurniture.com

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Thinh Phu Furniture is a well-known manufacturer of wood outdoor furniture. Thinh Phu factory works Acacia and Eucalyptus wood, FSC® Certified and non-FSC® Certified woods. Acacia wood is sourced locally in Vietnam from sustainable forests, while Eucalyptus wood is imported from Brazil.

All materials and components are carefully selected and tested from the start of the manufacturing process to ensure good quality.


  • Garden Sofa Set
  • Garden Dining Set
  •  Patio Bistro Set
  • Outdoor Table And Chair
  • Pool Sun Lounger


These are some Furniture Factories Vietnam that could provide you with great outdoor furniture. Hope you can find the perfect match for your business to get more clients. Feel free to Contact Q-Furniture to get more information about Furniture.

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