5 Taboos When Placing Concrete Top Dining Table Australia

March 12, 20220

Concrete top dining table is a place for family members to gather and gather together and cozy family meals are indispensable. At this point, the dining table will become an important item. However, when arranging dining tables and chairs, homeowners should note some feng shui factors to avoid bringing bad things to the family. Q-Furniture will provide a few things to avoid when placing concrete top dining table australia in your home!

Do not arrange concrete top dining table australia in front of the main door

5 Taboos When Placing Concrete Top Dining Table Australia

According to feng shui, the main door is the place where the vitality of the whole house is tolerated and the prosperity needs to be circulated easily through every corner. As a result, the rooms of the house will be cleansed and brought in a breath of fresh air.

Therefore, to avoid preventing the circulation of prosperity, you should avoid placing the around concrete coffee table or
concrete side table and chairs directly with the main door. If you do the opposite, it can negatively affect the feng shui of the space.

Abstain from arranging concrete side tables opposite the altar room

The worship room is an indispensable area in most houses in Vietnam. The Vietnamese consider the worship room to be a sacred place to remember their ancestors as well as to pray for good luck and convenience in life to the members.

Many families set up altars to Quan Am statue, Buddha image, etc. These are Buddhists who practice and are vegetarian, so we should not put tables and chairs opposite the altar because meals with meat, fish, etc. will be pedantic to the gods.

If your family has an altar for the earth god, the god of wealth, you do not necessarily have to avoid the arrangement of tables and chairs for Tet in front of the altar. However, try to place the dining table some distance away from the altar. At the same time, when arranging should not create a straight line between the dining table and the worship area.

Do not put the concrete top dining table australia and chairs in the direction of hung

5 Taboos When Placing Concrete Top Dining Table Australia

This is one of the important rules you need to keep in mind when arranging the dining table in accordance with feng shui. You should rely on your destiny to set a suitable dining table to ensure the rule of “compatibility”.

Accordingly, if the owner belongs to the East and the Four parities, they should avoid placing the dining table in the directions: West, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast. On the contrary, if the owner belongs to the West, it is necessary to abstain from placing the table in the Southeast, East, South and North directions.

Do not arrange dining table and chairs opposite the toilet

5 Taboos When Placing Concrete Top Dining Table Australia

The toilet is not clean place with a lot of bad gas. Therefore, the dining table is too close or opposite the toilet will make the diners feel unappetizing. In addition, according to feng shui, placing the dining table in this direction also affects everyone’s health as well as drains the owner’s luck, making the owner unlucky.

Do not leave the dining table and chairs cluttered

The dining table on everyday occasions in general and the Tet dinner table in particular should be cleaned regularly to avoid clutter. If the dining area is airy and neat, the family meal will be more intimate, cozy and delicious.

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