5 Most Astonishing Interior Concrete Design In Restaurants And Bars

February 20, 20220

People no longer saw concrete as just structural material. Instead, thanks to the evolution of interior decoration and breakthrough technology, concrete nowadays also contributes as elegant pieces of furniture. Many businesses realize this emerging cemented trend, deciding to apply the brutal aesthetic of concrete design into their business space. From a full cement room to touches of concrete furniture such as the concrete side table. The material has inspired many F&B business owners with its durability and minimalist beauty.

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Concrete Design From Nazdrowje Restaurant & Bar

The name “Nazdrowje” means Polish For Cheers. To come up with the idea, Richard Lindvall (the original architect of this design) took a research trip to Poland and visited abandoned buildings. As a result, from a parking garage, the Nazdrowje Restaurant & Bar became a luxurious destination. We can see how the East European factories significantly inspired the architect. The whole room is all embraced by concrete from 4 walls and floor to pieces of furniture. While the designer also managed to add more warmth to the space with the appearance of wood, completing the industrial rustic theme.

5 most astonishing interior concrete design in restaurants and bars


The Nordburger, located in the center of Adelaide, Australia, is an ideal destination for customers who seek a lovely casual gathering. If we compare it with the Nazdrowje Restaurant and Bar, the decoration gives out a cozier and more friendly look. This might be because of the number of lights and touches of chairs with wooden top and greenery pots of plants. However, the designer still displays the beauty of the textural visual of the concrete furniture. Which exposes the rawness and natural flaws of the material.

The Black Concrete Restaurant

Renesa Architecture Design Interiors is the studio behind this outstanding concrete look. Adopting a theme of industrial monotone, this cocktail bar is covered in black concrete with abstract mirror walls. The miragelike reflection of the mirrored staircase with pendant lights hanging from the ceiling at varying lengths surprises you as you enter the glass brick entry. In addition, this unique architectural idea can also take guests away from their typical, everyday life. And immerse them for a few hours in the company of liquor.

5 most astonishing interior concrete design in restaurants and bars

Sanskruti Restaurant With Touches Of Concrete Design

This restaurant is called “Sanskruti”, located on the outskirts of Kadi, Nandasan Village, India and has emerged as a hidden gem of this beautiful area. Regarding the design brief, the owner of the restaurant requested a traditional design, reflecting the beauty of the daily life of the village. And this turns out astonishing. Unlike most concrete designs, the restaurant emphasizes colorful tones such as brown and yellow which we don’t see much in cemented theme spaces. Furthermore, the building’s facade, with exposed red bricks, exotic patterns, a concrete floor has conveyed simplicity and modernity. And at the same time, retaining strong earthly origins, drawing individuals from nearby areas as well as tourists.

Bandol Restaurant

Kinnersley Kent Design is in charge of this interior look. The Bandol Restaurant displays a cozy, welcoming atmosphere through reclaimed wood, metal, concrete, brick, and artistic lighting. In terms of the concrete material, the cemented kitchen countertop stands out as a statement of the space.

As Jenny Andersson commented: “A sense of the outside is given by the indoor planting of lemon trees in pots, ivy at the rear and the half-ton, up-lit olive tree at the restaurant’s heart. Industrial design notes maintain a sense of contemporaneity, with an overall feel of al fresco dining in a warm clime.”

5 most astonishing interior concrete design in restaurants and bars

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