5 Facts To Know Before Buying Concrete Sofa

May 11, 20220

Do you want to have a Concrete Sofa for your outdoor space? And you desire to figure out what features a Concrete Sofa comes up with? If so, it’s great as 5 secrets I’m going to share may help you to be confident with your choice.

As a homeowner, choosing a piece of furniture is becoming a challenging decision. Many types of furniture are made from plenty of materials, and all of them have both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you, a homeowner, need to understand clearly what is the exact purpose of buying new furniture, then you can choose the perfect match for your house.

concrete sofa

Concrete is a great material used to make furniture a long time ago. Humans utilized concrete in building houses a lot, but serving as furniture wasn’t popular. Some concrete manufacturers then realize that concrete is the best choice for outdoor furniture thanks to some outstanding features compared to other materials.

Durability Of Concrete

You may not believe it, but a piece of concrete furniture can last forever. It depends a bit on how frequently you use it and take care of it. No one wants to replace the furniture every year just because of the bad weather. Think about removing furniture yearly like that, are you worried about money?

Durability is the greatest strength of concrete, then it can be a spotlight for whom they want to make long use of it.

Cleaning Easiness

It’s easy to scrub whenever it has stains stuck in. If you don’t like its tough surface, you even can put the cushions on it. Then, you may have a question if having cushions on outdoor concrete sofas is a good idea or not. It’s great to sit on a softer seat, but you have to store your cushion when it rains to make sure your cushions don’t get wet.

Are you afraid of dust or water, or even droppings? That’s also a matter as they’re from nature and you can’t control it. Whatever the material you buy, you have to face it.

I finally choose concrete because of the easy-cleaning feature. You just use a household spray, and lightly wash your table with water, then spray with a water hose after 5 minutes.

Weather Assistance In Concrete Sofa

If you live in a location with regular rainfalls or moisture, you’ll want to be sure your furniture is durable and resistant to damage. A sofa made of concrete can solve the problem. Concrete furniture is rain-assistant, you can check with the buyer about that, and you even can ask for a warranty.

concrete sofa

If you’re afraid of hot weather or the changes of significant seasonal climate, you’ll need to shop for outdoor materials that can survive damage such as cracking, fading,… Cracking as extremes of heat and cold happens in almost furniture, but in concrete furniture, it occurs after years. By researching on the internet, you can deal with the cracks easily even at home. After long years of contact with the sun, it will turn into faded color. But concrete furniture still keeps a good-looking appearance, even if it turns into another color.

You like to put a sofa in the garden that is an extremely windy place. But you have nothing to worry about because concrete is originally heavy. 

Keep in mind that, If you use cushions with concrete sofas, store them carefully while not in use.

These are some features of concrete furniture for the outdoor space. Hope they will strengthen you to decisively buy a concrete sofa for your garden. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or simply Contact Q-Furniture, we’ll willing to answer any questions you may have.

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