4 Tips To Prepare Your Concrete Outdoor Furniture Ready For The Spring

June 7, 20220

Although we are all ready to get outside when the spring comes, your concrete outdoor furniture needs some help before hosting a gathering with friends. Due to the weather conditions in your country, Spring can bring rain ưhich can damage your furniture surfaces. Luckily, with 11 years of experience in producing concrete furniture, Q-Furniture has 4 tips for you to restore and protect your patio furniture. Continuing reading some tips can help you to get your garden ready for the new season!

Refresh your furniture

After a long, cold winter, your concrete outdoor furniture may need some care. You should grab a moist towel and clean the surface and legs of the chairs and tables. A simple scrubbing with a brush and rinsing clean with water will clean a lot of stains and other spoils. Make sure that you dry them with a clean cloth before exposing them to direct sunlight. If you see any dust on the surface, take care of it quickly. Don’t use acid spray to clean concrete outdoor furniture. In most cases, this chemical can damage the surface and dissolve concrete. 

Refresh your concrete outdoor furniture

Add color to your concrete outdoor furniture

All concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam know that the easiest way to create a colorful garden is to paint your concrete outdoor furniture. So you don’t have to buy anything new, you just update what you have. For painting concrete outdoor items, a regular exterior isn’t a good choice. Because it will crack and peel on concrete furniture. Masonry paint contains binders that contract and expand with the concrete and allows moisture to pass through its surface.

Seal your outdoor furniture

Why do you need to seal your outdoor furniture? Because concrete furniture can experience premature wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions and use. Backyard barbecues, heavy foot traffic, outdoor campfires, and unrelenting sunshine cause the concrete furniture to fade, discolor, and abrade. A good concrete sealer can keep surfaces looking like new for many years. You should choose a sealer that is compatible with the decorative concrete outdoor furniture surface you apply it to. For instance, a solvent-based sealer will produce a more high-gloss shine while a water-based sealer gives a more matte or satin. Also, the other important factor is that it should be appropriate for your budget and project.

Seal your outdoor furniture

Enhance your outdoor space with Q-Furniture

Now your concrete outdoor furniture is clean and ready to use. It’s time for the last step – the finishing touches. You may need to inspect the furniture closely and consider whether they still work well this year. If not, you should replace them to reflect your new design plan. Replace dead plants, light bulbs, old candles, and artwork, anything can be replaced. 

Are you looking for new concrete outdoor furniture to upgrade your patio? Buy a fire pit or decorative concrete? You don’t know which concrete furniture manufacturers have what you need? With 11 years of experience in producing and trading concrete furniture, Q-Furniture is a concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam that can bring you the good product at the lowest prices. Q-Furniture will be happy to help you enhance your patio space. 

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