4 Tips To Keep Modern Concrete Outdoor Furniture Looking New

May 16, 20220

One of the most common questions about modern concrete outdoor furniture is, “How to clean and maintain it looking new?”. There is virtually no 100% weatherproof patio furniture and concrete furniture is one of them.

Although concrete is extremely durable, new outdoor furniture requires special attention and care, especially in the winter. Here are 4 tips from Q-Furniture Vietnam that will help you keep your new concrete outdoor furniture in great condition for years.

Why should we care for modern concrete outdoor furniture?

For many years, concrete has been the most popular material for many construction applications. Nowadays, it is also used for making outdoor furniture because of its durability and versatility. Modern concrete outdoor furniture is extraordinarily strong and resistant to moisture, harsh UV rays, mildew and insects. 

However, without the proper care and attention, your new modern concrete outdoor furniture could easily become damaged from winter weather conditions. For example, in extremely cold temperatures, snow and ice can cause concrete top outdoor dining table to chip and crack in a short period of time. 

Despite your effort to clear snow and ice on the surface, the table still cracks. Additionally, the problems can worsen if the owner uses the wrong chemicals. Thus, you have to find and buy a new one for your outdoor space to replace the crack table.

To keep your concrete outdoor furniture in good condition, it is important to follow our guides to care for it. So that, you can get many years to enjoy the beauty of your concrete furniture without buying a new one. With good care, it can last for many years even though bad environmental conditions.

Why should we care for modern concrete outdoor furniture?

How to care for concrete furniture?

No one can change the weather conditions but you can prepare some tips to keep your furniture looking new. Good preparation can save your money and preserve your furniture’s appeal. 

  1. First thing about caring for concrete outdoor furniture is DO NOT use traditional heavy acid cleaners. These acids can easily remove stains from your concrete items. But they are too caustic for use on modern concrete outdoor furniture. If you use heavy acid cleaners for concrete coffee tables outdoor, the chemicals can cause it to break, corrode, or even disintegrate over time.
  2. Secondly, DO seal your concrete furniture before winter to protect it from snow and ice. Not only snow and ice but any water trapped in the pores of concrete furniture causes damage when it expands. Quality concrete sealants help minimize the moisture that can get into pores. Additionally, it can protect concrete outdoor furniture from snow and ice in the winter.
  3. Thirdly, DO CLEAN your concrete furniture day to day if necessary. You should spray your item with water and a household spray: mix 1 part bleach with 2 parts water. Then, you leave it on for 10 minutes and wipe it with a cleaning cloth.
  4. Lastly, DO NOT move concrete furniture to a new position frequently. Because the weight and size of the concrete item need the help of 3 to 4 adults to move it. Also, this will cause damage to the concrete outdoor furniture. 

How to care for concrete furniture?

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