4 Suppliers Help You Find Furniture Factory In Vietnam

June 14, 20220

In the furniture industry, Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of furniture in Asia and ranked number five among furniture producers worldwide. That is why many furniture buyers want to source furniture from Vietnam. If you want to know how to find furniture factories in Vietnam, here are useful sources of 4 Suppliers Help You Find Furniture Factory In Vietnam Q-Furniture brings to you:

Find furniture factories in Vietnam – Sourcing Website

Nowadays, you can find anything you want on the internet, including concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. Just like Alibaba in China, Vietnam also has some websites for B2B like VietAz, Vietnamese Made, Vtown, etc. But the list and quality of sourcing these websites are poor. Not all furniture factories know public information on these websites so that information is often to reach or understand about factories. 

Alibaba.com is still the number one source website for Vietnamese suppliers (although Alibaba is based in China). This can be changed in the future but at this time, you should search these website below:

  • Alibaba: common and easy to use, many factories in Vietnam use this platform.
  • VietAz: useful and easy to find information about products, address, picture, price, etc.
  • Vtown: has a good database of Vietnamese and other foreign producers.
  • Google: has a large source of furniture manufacturers, and many factories in Vietnam have websites that you can search easily by Google. 
  • Facebook: Their fan page has contact information, product pictures, and address, you can direct messages to them easily.

Find furniture factories in Vietnam - Sourcing Website

Find furniture factories in Vietnam – Trade Shows

If you are looking for concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, one of the great ways is to go to furniture exhibitions or trade shows. Vietnamese trade shows often bring many high-expertise and large-scale enterprises. They will bring to you many amazing furniture products with unique and modern designs such as concrete pots for sale. 

The Vietnam market is still not fully mature in terms of promotion so sourcing from Vietnam is harder for your competitor and easier for you. You can easily find the most suitable furniture factories in 4 popular trade shows VietnamWood & Furnitec, Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Expo (VIFA), Vietnam International Home Décor, and Gift Fair.

Chamber of commerce is a good choice

Some of the Chamber of Commerce will put you in contact with some associations or furniture factories. You need to contact the chamber of commerce of your country. But the response delay is long and some of them refuse to put buyers in contact with furniture factories in Vietnam. So, you should choose countries with a large manufacturing presence in Vietnam. They will usually maintain an updated list of factories managed by foreigners. 

Chamber of commerce is a good choice

How about Industrial park in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, furniture factories are usually located in huge Industrial parks. Our advice for you is to go to one of the industrial parks and contact the manufacturers to visit their showroom. In this way, you can visit many factories on the same day for the kind of furniture you are looking for. The huge industrial park in Vietnam are around Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong, Binh Phuoc, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh, etc.

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