3 Things About Concrete Furniture Manufacturers You Need To Know

May 26, 20220

If you are planning to start a business, you may have plenty of concrete product ideas. So, the next question is how to find concrete furniture manufacturers for your product idea? Whether you find a supplier to purchase or plan to manufacture, good products are not easy to find. In this article, Q-Furniture will give you some ideas to find manufacturers for your next project. 

What is a concrete furniture manufacturer?

A manufacturer is a business producing finished goods from raw materials. Then, they will sell these finished goods to wholesalers, consumers, retailers, and other manufacturers that want to create more complex things. So a concrete furniture manufacturer is the one mainly focused on producing concrete furniture and selling them to other businesses. 

Here are 2 types of concrete furniture manufacturers: Made-to-order and made-to-stock. Made-to-stock manufacturers can predict demand products in the market and then produce the number of goods with the predicted demand. The others only produce when they receive orders from the customer. 

What is a concrete furniture manufacturer?

Are a manufacturer and a supplier the same?

As we know, supplier and manufacturer are too many synonyms but they differ in their functions. A supplier is a party supplying goods or services to the respective authority, irrespective of its category or type. The supplier will be responsible for the supply-chain management system. That means they provide a link between manufacturers and end-users. 

Manufacturers are the ones actually producing and creating goods or services from basic raw materials. They work with raw material, assemblies, or components and are responsible for the product’s origin, quality and creation. 

Are a manufacturer and a supplier the same?

Domestic or Overseas concrete furniture manufacturer?

Once you choose the type of manufacturer, you need to decide where to find the manufacturer. Are your manufacturers locally in your country or abroad? There are many consequential factors you need to consider. 

If your product is in high demand and always needs to be delivered on a schedule, a domestic concrete furniture manufacturer is the best choice. It can help you control product quality and avoid the poor working conditions that accompany your product. Also, the order can be shipped sooner and turned around faster than manufactured overseas. You can meet with domestic concrete furniture manufacturers easily and track your product closely anytime you want.

Overseas concrete furniture manufacturers are cheaper to source products overseas. You can find affordable concrete furniture manufacturers in Vietnam, China, and India. They help you reduce the costs of labor by as much as 80%. Then, you can use that budget for marketing and developing your new products. But shipping time can be several weeks or even months due to weather conditions, policies, or other elements.

There is no right answer for all products or all enterprises. The decision depends on your manufacturing needs and your business goals. Choose the one that delivers the most value to your company. If you’re still looking for a concrete furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, contact us to give us a chance to work with you. Experiencing 11 years in producing, custom concrete furniture and trading concrete products, we are proud to say that we can provide you with good furniture at affordable prices.

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