3 Rules To Choose Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam

April 11, 20220

Hoping to partner with the right manufacturer’s always a major issue for every business. You have to do lots of research to make sure that you’ll land in the perfect place. Setting down in Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam is a great choice but choosing the right factory to work with isn’t easy at all.

concrete furniture manufacturer in vietnam

A company’s original purpose is to leverage profit. It’s easy to guess why you want to meet up with producers in Vietnam where it would be cost-effective to do everything. Then, the question is “How do I start looking for one of the various manufacturers in Vietnam?”.

Here are 3 rules you have to know first to start deciding to establish a partnership. It works not only in Vietnam but also in every manufacturer all around the world.

Determine What You Need For Your Concrete Products

You want products in high quality, huh? But how can you make sure the information is true? There are 2 ways, you can appoint someone to fly to Vietnam to directly do the check, or you can ask for any testing certification. Go along with quality is a warranty. Warranty for high-quality concrete furniture is up to 2 years from the date the product is released.

Concrete furniture may be the heaviest furniture, then importing the weighty product must be costly. However, with modern technology, you’re able to find a manufacturer optimizing the heaviness.

Do you concern about stain & scratch resistance? then How can you say no? Finally, keep in mind some questions asking about the product’s features, because many producers are tricky and mix many components in items. You should use open questions instead of Yes/No questions during the conversation to make sure you’ll get detailed answers.

Clarify What You Expect From The Manufacturer

As I said earlier, Testing Certification of high-quality products is necessary for furniture manufacturers.

Next, listen to its history. It doesn’t matter if you choose a start-up manufacturer which satisfies all your expectation. But looking for a long-experienced partner must be considered, it’s more trustworthy and reliable.

Competitive Price must be your priority after all. Doing some comparisons is not a waste of time, then I bet you have a great decision. Many foreign businesses ofter forget about the assessment, at the first sight, they see it’s cheap, then they have no doubt in moving to the contract.

concrete furniture manufacturer in vietnam

One important factor in doing concrete furniture is uniqueness. Besides the beauty, having a range of exclusive products is the wish of almost every company. No one wants to be the same as anyone. It’s great to have customized designs right in the partner’s system. Not many manufacturers apply OEM/ODM in Vietnam. In case your business desires to be exclusive, go past OEM/ODM services.

Get To Know Its Previous Partners

“Why do you need to know about your competitors?”

Look, if you’re running a small startup, having a small number of things to manufacture, a major manufacturer is probably not the best option for you. Because your project isn’t as big as other projects, then it’s not a priority. The manufacturer may ignore you and prioritize more expensive and larger properties. Therefore, you should have a look at partners and their sizes if they’re successful or not, then it’s your turn to pick.

If you want to know more about Concrete Furniture Manufacturer In Vietnam, feel free to leave a comment below or Contact to give us a chance to work with you. At Q-Furniture, we have enough capabilities to provide you with one of the best products ever.

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