3 Reasons You Should Choose Concrete Square Planter

May 17, 20220

Want to have a green garden in your backyard but not sure where to begin? Choosing a planter is one of the five steps you have to do before planting. With so many planters made from various materials, concrete square planter is the ideal choice for a newbie. 

In this article, Q-Furniture Vietnam will explain why you should choose it and how to choose the right concrete planter for your plant. Let’s go!

Why should you choose a concrete square planter?

Concrete square planter is manufactured by mixing cement paste with sand and rock. In industrial production, a combination of chemicals such as calcium, silicon, aluminum and iron are used to help harden the mixture. That is the reason why outdoor concrete products like curved concrete bench, concrete planter, concrete table are extraordinarily durable than other material products. 

If you are still looking for the ideal planter, concrete planter is highly recommended for you. Here is 3 benefits of choosing concrete square planter you should know:


There is no complaint about concrete product’s durability. Even though combined products like concrete and wood dining table still have more long-lasting than other table. 

Concrete Planter is designed for indoor and outdoor use. No matter where you want, this planter is able to withstand elements such as rain or wind. So that, you don’t have to worry about your plants being ruined or the planter damaged.


Concrete planter is resistant to harsh UV rays, insects, mildew and moisture. That is why this planter can last for many years without caring. To keep your planter in good condition, you use water and household spray to clean, then wipe it with a cleaning cloth. It takes 3-5 minutes to do and anyone can do it.


There is a huge number of aggregates which can be used in concrete square planters. That improves the planter’s quality and creates unique surfaces. When your friends come over, they will be surprised about its appeal and ask you how to get the amazing planter. Is it great to start a conversation?

Why should you choose a concrete square planter?

How to choose the right concrete square planter?

  1. COLOR: Concrete planters can be painted easily at home with a variety of paints. So you can choose any color you want. But the planter’s color should suit your garden’s design style. 
  2. SIZE: Is the planter’s size important? Absolutely! In a too-large pot, soil will dry slowly that makes your plant root rot. In a too-small pot, you plant need be watered frequently or become root-bound. So that, the planter should be 1-2 inches larger than the plant’s current size.
  3. WEIGHT: Concrete planter is the best choice for outdoor use. Because it is heavy and strong enough to withstand elements such as rain or wind. But if you want to plant indoors, you should choose a lightweight concrete square planter. 
  4. DRAINAGE HOLE: Do your planter need a drainage hole? Yes, your planter needs a drainage hole to allow water out and air in. Planter without a drainage hole can cause the plant to die slowly. 

How to choose the right concrete square planter?

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